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LouLou D'Vil's Helsinki Burlesque Festival Diary
LouLou D’vil’s Helsinki Burlesque Festival Diary

The absurdly gorgeous LouLou D’vil (BHoF Best Debut 2011) shares her Helsinki Burlesque Festival experience……

BurlyCon: Past, Present and Future
BurlyCon – Past, Present and Future.

I really can’t say enough about BurlyCon. I feel positively gleeful with excitement every time…

Sydni Deveraux: Get Thee to a Mentor!
Sydni Deveraux: Get Thee to a Mentor!

“Find that person who will tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are. Who will give you feedback. Who will tell you that there’s spinach in your teeth and that your g-string is ill fitting. That you might not want to bend over that way … it’s hard. And you don’t always want to know. And yes – you might cry.”