Burlesque Royale

Review: Burlesque Royale

Burlesque Royale: Sydney Performance It’s 6.45am on Sunday 23rd Jan.  My sequined ‘Dynasty’ gown is in a crumpled heap on the floor like a deflated Joan Collins. My high heels on the rug are two exhausted porn stars after a drug-fuelled sex orgy and the remnants of my make-up cling to my face – my […]

Immodesty Blaize

The phrase ‘larger than life’ is used so often, but I rarely meet someone that it truly applies to. With a name inspired by a comic book heroine; Immodesty Blaize is in many ways exactly that – an exquisitely exaggerated, impossibly glamorous force of female nature. She has an incredible physical presence, towering over most […]

The Grand Burlesque Show Part Two: Gentry’s Backstage Photo Diary

The fabulous Gentry de Paris kindly agreed to create a photo diary during her trip to Montreal. Enjoy the journey! The day started at the ungodly hour of 5 AM. Even 5 AM in Paris is painful. Unless of course you’re just getting home, which is what I’m usually doing at that hour. But I […]

The Grand Burlesque Show Part One: ‘Poutine and Champagne…’

Tanya Cheex reports on The Grand Burlesque Show in Montreal… Poutine may as well be the national dish in la belle provence of Quebec: french fries covered in gravy with squeaky cheese curds. I’ve been told this is most important. Poutine has nothing to do with burlesque (to my knowledge!) but it was a topic […]

The Queens of Burlesque: “Legends in the Shaking”

When we saw the announcement for this epic show, we could hardly believe our eyes, or stop squealing! A MINDBLOWING line-up of award winning superstars – all absolute masters of their craft, and each with a unique personality and style. Every single one of them is an Exotic World / Burlesque Hall of Fame winner, […]

THE BURLESQUE TOP 50 2009: No. 6

6. Immodesty Blaize (Miss Exotic World ’07) What a towering, exotic burlesque powerhouse we have at No. 6! Style icon, author, creator of spectacle and sensation; everything Immodesty does is big, bold and beautiful – no half measures, no holding back… The UK mainstream masses are more than familiar with Immodesty’s brand of glamour. On […]

Kalani Kokonuts: Part Two

Part Two of the epic and exclusive interview with Kalani Kokonuts… (Click here to read Part One…) Kalani Performing… Kalani Kokonuts, by Mark Hollinger. H. This will probably embarrass you, but you have, and everyone says this, an incredible body, physical presence and unique beauty – K. This is the one thing – I can […]