Gowning Around with Catherine D'Lish

Gowning Around with Catherine D’Lish

Interview with Catherine D’Lish by Jo Weldon. Catherine D’Lish is known for inventive, hyperglam, spectacular costuming. Her standard-setting work with Dita Von Teese is best known to many, but Catherine is constantly creating fresh, innovative designs, items that strike us as iconic immediately, working with fabric and trim in new and inspiring ways. Most recently […]

Penny Starr Jr.: Navigating the Collaboration with a Costume Designer

Penny Starr Jr: Navigating the Collaboration with a Costume Designer

As we all know, burlesque is very much a DIY community.  Part of what draws some of us to burlesque as an art form is the ability to play dress up; to make a costume more than the once a year Halloween party or Ren-Faire or Zombie Prom.  I firmly believe that all dancers should […]

BVB: Sequins and Rhinestones

I’ve been creating burlesque costumes by customising off-the-rack pieces for approximately four years. The hot-fix rhinestone applicator was one of the first tools of the trade I discovered via the burlesque community. I must say, my relationship with this dangerous wand has been turbulent. Since discovering hot-fix rhinestones, I’ve also experimented with regular rhinestones (fixed […]