Burlesque Costume Storage Guide, by Dinah Might

Burlesque Costume Storage Guide: How to Store and Care for your Burlesque Costumes

Behold! The Burlesque Costume Closet of your Dreams! Dinah Might is known for the immaculate condition of her high-end costumes. She acquired two of Catherine D’lish’s original, iconic costumes in an ebay auction in 2011, including ‘That Big Black Dress’ (Catherine and Dita Von Teese – who has a matching dress – even performed duos […]

Penny Starr Jr: 10 Things You Can Do to be a Better Burlesque Dancer.

10 Things You Can do to be a Better Burlesque Dancer

Burlesque dancers all fall into ruts. We get booked consistently, put on a good local show, but we don’t get challenged. And then we see that out of town burlesque dancer, or go to a festival and see the next level. And I don’t know about you guys, but there are a handful of burlesque dancers that have […]