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Catherine D’Lish: London Bound

Catherine D’Lish: London Bound

Catherine D'Lish: London Bound

Catherine D’Lish will be hitting the UK next week, and she shares all the details about the trip and upcoming performances here with 21st Century Burlesque Magazine…

You kick off your UK appearances at the Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival in Bradford on May 17th. What do you plan to perform?

I’m very happy to have been invited to be a part of this festival; they’ve made me feel very welcome. This will be my first time performing in that part of the country and I am really looking forward to it! I don’t want to let on too much about the plans for the show, but I will say that I’ll be wearing some very sexy new lingerie from Secrets In Lace. I am thrilled to have this trip to the UK sponsored by Secrets In Lace; I always turn to them when I want the very best.

Excitement is building for your special London show on May 18th in the gorgeous Matcham Room at the Hippodrome Casino. Who is on the bill, and what can we expect that night?

I am excited for our show at the Hippodrome Casino too! The venue is indeed lovely, perfect for the very sexy and intimate evening of entertainment we have planned for you. This will be a late-night event, perfect for that time when you’re feeling the most naughty. I know I personally prefer this part of my day the most, it’s prime-time sexy-time. We are thrilled to have scored an incredible line-up for our event, each act hand-picked to create a titillating evening.

We have Jon Lee (currently performing as Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys) to woo the ladies and gents with his seductive vocal stylings. We also have the very sultry songstress Nicola Emmanuelle performing with us; her velvet voice will lure you into a sensual state. We consider it quite a coup to have these two talents added to the bill. Besides myself, for burlesque/striptease entertainment we are proud to present the lovely Vicky Butterfly, always a show-stopper with her provocative and innovative numbers, as well as the beautiful Betsy Rose. These two are spectacular striptease women with both beauty and brains – a terrific combination!  Tickets are limited for this one-night-only event, so get your hot date lined up, and please reserve your seats while they are still available…

There is also a chance to get up close and personal with you at special workshops on May 18th and 19th in London. What sort of format and content can people expect?

I am very happy to be presenting the (newly-rescheduled) London workshops, sponsored by Secrets In Lace. We are offering two days of workshops, with two classes on each day. Each class is custom-tailored to the group of students attending, so every class has a completely different format and content. Many participants have been signing up for more than one class, and are making a day of it! I personally really enjoy the informal atmosphere of this type of group workshop; we’re really able to dig in and develop skills that suit all of the students, whether they are a seasoned performer or someone interested in attempting their first strip ever in the privacy of their own home. Surprisingly, I’ve found that no matter what the level of experience, most women share very similar concerns. It’s great fun to see these issues conquered! If there is a ‘format’, it is to bring out the best in oneself.

Catherine D'Lish performs in Strip Strip Hooray!   ©Kaylin Idora
Catherine D’Lish performs in Strip Strip Hooray! ©Kaylin Idora

The spaces are selling quickly, and spots for the classes are limited so that the classes can be cozy and fun. At first, I was pleased to have the previous London workshops (now-cancelled) sell out within a matter of hours. However, I’m dismayed to have now heard that not all of the previously-registered students are aware I will not be teaching any classes that were purchased prior to April 21st. The situation was a bit messy, but we’re very happy to have made the best of it. There are still some spots left for the London workshops I am teaching: please contact Tim Reed at to reserve your class(es).

More Strip Strip Hooray! dates are coming up this summer in San Fransisco, LA and Chicago. Are you looking forward to hitting the road with Dita and the rest of the cast again, and will you be taking your web with you as you have previously on this tour?

The Strip Strip Hooray! tour is always fun, no doubt about that. Dita and I invariably have a great time together, and the rest of the cast is excellent company too. If you could only see the backstage shenanigans…

I will be spidering, for sure. Tickets for this summer tour will be on sale shortly (please visit BURLESQUE: STRIP STRIP HOORAY! Dita Von Teese for more information and ticket availability). These shows sell out quickly, so get ’em while you can.

Is there anything else coming up for you that you can share publicly at this time?

Strip Strip Hooray! is filling up June and July, I am happy to be heading to Vancouver this weekend for the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, and also here in the US I am looking forward to getting all hot and bothered in Texas for the Hotter Than Hell shows in Austin and Dallas.

Catherine D'Lish will perform at the Hippodrome Casino in London on May 18th.
Catherine D’Lish will perform at the Hippodrome Casino in London on May 18th.

Fall is full with Cabaret New Burlesque shows touring nearly non-stop in Europe into next Spring and Summer. Hoping to squeeze in a vacation in there somewhere!

Any final message for your UK fans?

I would like to send out a gigantic ‘thank you!’ for the support I’ve received. It’s been a bumpy road getting this upcoming UK trip sorted out, to say the very least!

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be on my way over; we have some really first-rate events lined up. And one more big ‘thank you’ to Secrets In Lace, not only for the sexy stockings and support of the bra I’m wearing at this moment, but thank you for making this trip happen. And now I have to go slip into a pair of those stockings!

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