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Burlesque TOP 50 2014: NO. 2

Burlesque TOP 50 2014: NO. 2

Burlesque TOP 50 2014

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Presenting your TOP 3 in turn, continuing with No. 2.

Please Note: The results are determined by thousands of public votes. I do not decide who makes it into this list. Please resist emailing me to complain or campaign.

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Holli-Mae Johnson

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2. Perle Noire


Perle Noire at the Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2014. ©John Paul Bichard
Perle Noire at the Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2014. ©John Paul Bichard

A regal, exquisite goddess of fire and feeling has reached No. 2 in your 2014 Burlesque TOP 50.

In 2014, Perle performed at the Toronto Burlesque Festival, the Helsinki Burlesque Festival, the Texas Burlesque Festival, the Great Burlesque Expo, the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, Voodoo Deluxe in Italy, and in the New York Burlesque Festival, Wasabassco at Verboten, Bonnie Dunn’s Le Scandal Cabaret, and Calamity Chang’s Drunken Dragon Night in New YorkShe taught her inspirational Perlesque classes far and wide, including at the New York School of Burlesque.

Perle reunited with Dita Von Teese’s Strip Strip Hooray! dream team for a final US tour in 2014, covering the South to begin with and then finishing off in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York.  She was also highlighted by critics as the star attraction in Clubesque: A Modern Cabaret, which launched in Atlanta in 2014.

Perle brought the house down on Sunday Night at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend with an outstanding performance. Why she wasn’t performing it on Saturday Night baffled many, but she was at the height of her powers and reminded anyone who needed reminding that she is undoubted burlesque royalty.

Perle Noire at the New York Burlesque Festival 2014 [VIDEO].
Perle Noire at the Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2014 [VIDEO].
Perle Noire performing at the Champagne Riot 2014 [VIDEO].
Perle Noire at the Texas Burlesque Festival 2014 [VIDEO].

Full list of results here.

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