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Burlesque Match Game, BHoF Edition: Ruby Joule

Burlesque Match Game, BHoF Edition: Ruby Joule

For this year’s pre-BHoF contender profiles, the Miss Exotic World hopefuls were asked to play a burlesque edition of Match Game, with an added challenge – inspired by RuPaul’s Snatch Game version – to create a tribute selfie to one of their burlesque heroes. Next up, Ruby Joule!

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Students flocked eagerly to attend Bob Fosse‘s new BurlyCon Class: How To Make Your Most Awkward Moves Iconic.

Julie Atlas Muz is a woman of many talents. Just yesterday I saw her pull a beaver out of her beehive (or was it the other way around?)!

Kitten DeVille is so rock’n’roll, she brushes her teeth with Elvis’ pompadour.

For burlesquers who covet her impossibly glossy, tumbling curls, Catherine D’Lish presents a new luxury shampoo with a secret ingredient: the tears of her broken hearted suitors, and jojoba oil.

Mr Gorgeous is SO gorgeous, even his dryer lint comes with a health warning.

Determined to cement his reputation for show-stopping extravagance, Jett Adore opened his magnificent cape to reveal a fully rhinestoned portrait of me – Tempest Storm!

Ruby Joule in a burlesque tribute selfie to Tempest Storm.
Ruby Joule in a burlesque tribute selfie to Tempest Storm.

When asked how she maintains such a luscious, iconic ass, Michelle L’amour replied, “Oh it’s a breeze. I just massage Michter’s 20-year-old Single Barrel Bourbon into my cheeks every night!”

Ruby Joule. (Credit Pending)
Ruby Joule. (Credit Pending)

Miss Astrid is launching her debut fragrance: Sarcastique’ by Miss Astrid.

Ray Gunn does not like to be disturbed when he is eating Slim Jims backstage. (and I don’t blame him!)

In her most badass act to date, Roxi D’Lite strips out of a giant rose and mounts a smoking chaise lounge that then bursts into flames – in tribute to Blaze Starr!

And finally: This year at BHoF, Ruby Joule is going to… ignite the stage, light up the night and make you feel hot under the collar!

Ruby Joule will compete for Miss Exotic World, Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2015 at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend Tournament of Tease on Saturday 6th June in the Orleans Showroom.

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