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BHoF 2012 – The Road to Reigning Queen: Lux LaCroix [3/11]

BHoF 2012 – The Road to Reigning Queen: Lux LaCroix [3/11]

BHoF 2012 – The Road to Reigning Queen: Lux LaCroix [3/11]

As we count down to the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend, let’s find out more about the eleven talented temptresses competing for Reigning Queen! I have asked each of them about their lives, personalities, preparations and plans, so that those who don’t already know them well can learn a little about them and their work, and those of us who know them better can enjoy their thoughtful and entertaining responses.

Read on for a glimpse into the life (and awe-inspiring schedule!) of Lux LaCroix…

Lux LaCroix  ©Timothy Norris
Lux LaCroix ©Timothy Norris

If I looked you up in a twinkling, rhinestone covered burlesque dictionary, what would the entry for ‘Lux LaCroix’ say?

Lux LaCroix represents the four G’s of Burlesque: Ghetto, Gutter, Glitter and Glamour.

Paint us a little picture of your everyday life and work in LA…

I am a professional dancer and choreographer as my ‘day job’. I start my day at 4 am every morning with pointe (ballet) training until 5 am, and then I have training and rehearsal with the company I dance with until 7 am. After that I go to African dance training for and hour, and then it’s time for Modern class. If I don’t have a meeting with a client, I hit the treadmill at the gym for a 5k and then I head into the studio to work on choreography for my clients’ tours, music videos or awards show performances. I teach Zumba and SPXPilates twice a week in the evenings and I usually try to pick up another African dance or Modern class at least three times a week before I head out to a gig or see a band for the night. There is a lot of eating that happens in between all of this and not a lot of sleep. It’s a crazy schedule, but I would not change it for the world. I work with amazing people and I have incredible friends that know when to drag me out of the studio and either force me to go to a club or to bed.

What would you say is your greatest strength?

My greatest strength is my ability to organise and schedule. It’s kind of necessary when you live a life like this. Also being able to function on little to no sleep.

What has been the highlight or defining moment of your career to date, and also in your life overall?

There have been way too many to highlight. I’m just a mixed kid from Bed-Stuy Brooklyn who believed her parents when they told her that she could do anything she wanted. I am totally living in a dream and I am so grateful for every thing  and every one that has come into my life.

Can you tell me a bit about your chosen act? Why have you chosen it, is it an old trusted act, or a new routine? Have you made any special changes or ‘upgrades’ to it for BHoF?

Without revealing too much, it is a new number that was developed for BHoF and Lucha VaVOOM’s Valentine’s Spectacular.

“The BHoF weekend is a celebration of the art of burlesque and to be chosen to perform at any show in the weekend is a honour and you have to represent.”

You have competed before. What has previous experience taught you – do you plan to do anything differently this year, or adopt a different approach or attitude?

I’ve learned that you can’t get too much in your head about it. The fact of the matter is that you are booked for a show and you have an audience to entertain. Yes there are judges in that audience and there is a competition, but that is secondary to the SHOW. The BHoF weekend is a celebration of the art of burlesque and to be chosen to perform at any show in the weekend is a honour and you have to represent.

Is competing something you enjoy, or that pushes or encourages you to excel?

I’m a Virgo and a Type A personality (can you tell?) so hell yes, competing is something I enjoy; not on the level of, ‘I have to win’ but more on the level of, ‘I will do my best’.

Why is BHoF special and important to you? What are some of your favourite memories from past years?

I always call BHoF the company picnic. You come to this fabulous oasis, meet your co-workers, exchange ideas, and usually at some point get a little tipsy. Of course this weekend is first and foremost about the legends, and one of my fondest memories was meeting and being able to sit down and talk to (and more importantly LISTEN to) Lottie Graves and Toni Elling in 2006.

How would you spend your year as Queen – do you have any specific plans or goals if you win?

Running in the streets wearing my crown and sash screaming, ‘YO I’M QUEEN, FOOLS!’  Kidding… sort of. I want to continue the work that Indigo has started during her reign and I would like to work on consolidating information and networking for all of us involved in this beautiful expression of art.

What are your dreams and hopes for burlesque in the future, and yourself as a part of it?

I hope that burlesque keeps growing, expanding and moving forward. And I hope to do the same.

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