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Autumnal Elegance from Tara Starlet…

Autumnal Elegance from Tara Starlet…

Autumnal Elegance from Tara Starlet...

Autumnal Elegance from Tara Starlet

We are in love with some of the new arrivals from Tara Starlet. In fact, we have decided to give them their own separate fashion feature! It’s the exquisite tailoring and attention to detail – lining, buttons, pockets, fabrics… We can’t think of a more gorgeous and stylish way to dress for the season!

All images ©Tara Starlet. Please ask permission before use.

Tara Starlet Leopard Print Pocket Jacket and Fantail Skirt (©Tara Starlet)

Leopard Print Pocket Jacket (£75.00). Wool-Mix with faux-fur details.

Tara Starlet Forties Shirt with Sailor Slacks (©Tara Starlet)

Forties Shirt (£50.00) and high waisted Sailor Slacks with nautical button detailing (£60.00).

Tara Starlet Loves Amy Jacket and Fantail Skirt (©Tara Starlet)

Loves Army Jacket with heart buttons (£75.00), and Fantail Skirt (£55.00).

Tara Starlet Cosy Cape (©Tara Starlet)

Cosy Cape, with fake mink fur collar and wool and satin lining (£85.00).

Fantail Skirts (£55.00). Also available in black stretch satin.

Tara Starlet Fantail Skirts (©Tara Starlet)

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