Trixie Little's BHoF Burlesque Innovation Guild Awards

Trixie Little’s BHoF Burlesque Innovation Guild Awards

Trixie Little shares her thoughts on The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2013 and awards some Burlesque Innovation Guild honours. “I want to be where the boys are!”  This was the phrase that kept repeating in my head during this year’s Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend.  Probably over eighty women were on stage over four […]


“These are my friends and this is my life.” – Tigger! on stage during Friday night curtain call. Batten the brassieres and hold onto your hatches! ©Trixie Little Through some magical combination of warm weather, gorgeous people, lush foliage, hours of hot-tubbing, amazing entertainment and cases of fruit flavored Vodka; the Key West Holiday Extravaganza […]

Behind the Curtain at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival with Trixie Little

Trixie Little takes you behind the curtain at the first New Orleans Burlesque Festival… Day 4: Sunday 11:30am Woke up at noon to thunderstorms rattling the windows of our 25th floor hotel room. It has been a rain and glamour soaked weekend. Sitting in bed wondering how much I drank last night. Not sure I […]