Ivy Wilde

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Burlesque performer Raven Noir, producer of Burlesque Noir, by Neil Kendall
Raven Noir: Burlesque in the Blood

Raven Noir, gothic mistress of northern Burlesque in the UK, sits down with Ivy Wilde…

Jacqueline Chaton featuring a custom tip dyed feather fan by Fancy Feather (fancyfeather.com). Photo Scott Saw - Vixen Photography
Fancy Feather: The Flourish Behind the Fan Dance

As any burlesque aficionado knows, feathers play a huge part in our history. Most performers’…

Festive pinup vintage fashion at Vivien of Holloway
Vivien of Holloway: A Pinup Paradise

If you think of authentic pin up fashion in the UK, you think of Vivien…

Burlesque performer Lena Mae at Hundred Watt Club, by Featherpic.co.uk
Burlesque Shines Bright at Hundred Watt Club (UK Burlesque)

Having recently celebrated their fifth birthday in the venue where it all began, the Hundred…

Missy Fatale, Betsy Rose and Jolie Papillon at Gin House Burlesque. Photo by Chris Baker
Gin House Burlesque: Stripping with a Swing

21st Century Burlesque Magazine thoroughly enjoyed Gin House Burlesque at The King’s Head – a…

Torquay Tease: The Rise of Kinky & Quirky
Torquay Tease: The Rise of Kinky & Quirky (UK Burlesque)

In 2007 a chance chat via a MySpace page brought Sarah and Mark Bell together.…