Lily Verlaine brings Erotic Ballet to Triple Door

House of Verlaine present Giselle at the Triple Door. Photo: Ernie Sapiro PhotographyRead more

Like many wild imaginings that have materialized into full scale performances, such as the annual Land of the Sweets and Through the Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice in Wonderland, Lily Verlaine’s new work Giselle began, like so many of her endeavors, with the question: “What if?”  What if the familiar characters of the classical ballet […]

J. Von Stratton Celebrates ‘Queen of the Roses’ Win With Stunning Photo Shoot

J. Von Stratton Celebrates 'Queen of the Roses' Win With Stunning Photo ShootRead more

J. Von Stratton was recently crowned ‘Queen of the Roses’ at the annual Oregon Burlesque Festival. The festival is a three day burlesque art exhibition with over seventy performances featuring artists from across the US and abroad. J. Von Stratton, who blends “humour, over-the-top glitz and fierce hair tossing to weave a tale of glamour and entertain […]

House of Verlaine Delivers ‘Haute Burlesque’ Ballet

Perle Noire in House of Verlaine's Nightcap: L'Edition Noire, Seattle. ©Ernie Sapiro PhotographyRead more

Crystal Tassels describes House of Verlaine’s latest production in Seattle, starring Lily Verlaine, Perle Noire, Indigo Blue and Paris Original… Lily Verlaine recently curated an evening of haute burlesque that made the massive Triple Door auditorium in Seattle seem incredibly intimate. The show, Nightcap: L’Edition Noire, starred Verlaine’s new dance company, House of Verlaine, and […]

Review: Edge, Glitz, and Princesses at Disney After Dark

Lady Drew Blood (the Little Mermaid) in Disney After Dark. ©POC PhotoRead more

With their billowing gowns, bustles and jewelled tiaras, princesses have come to embody a sort of ultra-femininity that Western culture reserves for little girls and brides. In the burlesque world, however, we create our own opportunities for sartorial extravagance. In Seattle, Stripped Screw Burlesque’s latest production of Disney After Dark, now in its fifth year, […]

Bettie Blackheart’s BurlyCon 2014 Diary

Bettie Blackheart's BurlyCon 2014 DiaryRead more

The Lean, Mean Glitter Machine: BURLYCON! You stole my heart! Ever since the first BurlyCon was organised I have followed its development from a smaller gathering to a huge convention with as many as 600 participants. Through the years I have heard so many good things about BurlyCon from so many performers I respect that […]

The Atomic Bombshells in CAKE! A Decade of Decadent Dazzle (Photos)

The Atomic Bombshells in CAKE! A Decade of Decadent DazzleRead more

The Atomic Bombshells in CAKE! A Decade of Decadent Dazzle, by Crystal Tassels. Seattle burlesque mainstays The Atomic Bombshells celebrated their tenth anniversary last weekend. Hosted by the ever-so-chipper BenDeLaCreme of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame, CAKE! A Decade of Decadent Dazzle was a glitzy delight. In addition to the Bombshells themselves, the troupe invited superstars […]

The Atomic Bombshells Celebrate Ten Glamorous Years in Burlesque

The Atomic Bombshells Celebrate Ten Glamorous Years in BurlesqueRead more

The Atomic Bombshells Celebrate Ten Glamorous Years in Burlesque, by Crystal Tassels. It seems like 2004 was a big year for burlesque. On one side of North America, Doc Wasabassco produced his first (three-hour long) burlesque show and started a New York institution. On the Pacific side, a dancer from New Orleans convinced a venue […]

Prepare to be Conquered: The Return of House of Thee Unholy

Prepare to be Conquered: The Return of House of Thee UnholyRead more

House of Thee Unholy preview by Jessica Price. All photos by Christopher Nelson and Michael Doucett. We haven’t heard much from producer Paula Now – formerly known as The Swedish Housewife – since she partnered with filmmaker Deirdre Timmons (A Wink and A Smile) for the deliciously visceral showcase KINGS: A Boylesque Extravaganza nearly a […]

The Shanghai Pearl’s Burlesque Royale.

The Shanghai Pearl’s Burlesque Royale.Read more

The Shanghai Pearl’s upcoming Burlesque Royale is in many ways the show she was born to create. Though she’s been producing since she was just an eager young lass brandishing her bona fides from the Academy of Burlesque (some may recall shows she had a hand in at the Jewelbox and Wallingford’s Seamonster), it wasn’t […]