Lola Frost's BurlyCon Diary

Lola Frost’s BurlyCon Diary

Before I gave an interview on what I teach, someone whom I admire very much said to me, ‘Go get ’em, don’t be stingy with your knowledge. What you have to offer is valuable, be generous.’ It was sound advice from a leader I trusted. It gave me the insight and strength to not only […]

BurlyCon 2008 to 2010: A Retrospective, by Sydni Deveraux

BurlyCon 2008 to 2010: A Retrospective.

I have been a part of planning BurlyCon in different ways since its beginning three years ago, and just like a fine wine – it gets better with age. In the last two years (just two years!) the number of attendees has DOUBLED in size, a testimony that burlesque is here to stay. BurlyCon is […]

BurlyCon: Past, Present and Future

BurlyCon – Past, Present and Future.

I really can’t say enough about BurlyCon. I feel positively gleeful with excitement every time I think about it, or see a new announcement. Of all the things Indigo Blue has contributed to burlesque, BurlyCon is a precious, ingenious gift, for which she has my admiration and the gratitude of the burlesque community. For anyone […]

Gypsy Rose Lee Centennial Celebration: Seattle

Gypsy Rose Lee Centennial Celebration (Seattle)

The Gypsy Centennial (Seattle, 1/8/2011 @ The Triple Door) The frustrating part of being obsessed with an American burlesque icon – or any icon for that matter – is separating myth from unvarnished truth.  Gypsy Rose Lee’s memoirs are standard curriculum for burlesque aficionados – treasured, but perhaps a bit embellished by their author. Certain […]

Sydni Deveraux: Get Thee to a Mentor!

Sydni Deveraux: Get Thee to a Mentor!

“Find that person who will tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are. Who will give you feedback. Who will tell you that there’s spinach in your teeth and that your g-string is ill fitting. That you might not want to bend over that way … it’s hard. And you don’t always want to know. And yes – you might cry.”