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The Burlesque TOP 50 2011: 5

The Burlesque TOP 50 2011: 5

The Burlesque TOP 50 2011: 5

We give you your TOP 10!

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© InaGlo Photography
© InaGlo Photography

Anna Fur Laxis

(1st Runner Up, BHoF 2011)

(Hmm… Still no sign of that fully poseable Anna Fur La-ction Figure™  we asked for last year! It could come with a little magic playset now too, couldn’t it? Mattel? Anyone??)

You have voted the magical and innovative Anna Fur Laxis back into your TOP 10 this year.

She has travelled extensively in 2011 – from the Milan Burlesque Awards, to Spain, to the Grand Burlesque Show in Helsinki, to perform at The Wet Spot in Leeds… And to Las Vegas, where she won a whole new hoard of international fans after competing for the title at BHoF with the fantastic performance you can watch below. In a post-BHoF interview, she told us a little about how it was put together and the long hours of construction, practice and rehearsal. She has described the deafening response after the first quick change, with the success of the entire act resting on that moment, and we couldn’t fail to be moved by the time, passion and investment she has put into this act.

Anna performed another unique and exciting act – ‘Laxis of Evil’, at Neil Kendall’s Halloween Ball, and it’s another demonstration of Anna’s range of skills and ideas that make her so distinctive and entertaining.

What will she (and her devoted and equally amazing husband and wingman) produce in 2012? Can’t wait to find out…

You can read about Anna and her incredible ‘Prestige’ act in our very special End of Year Print Edition – reserve your copy now!


Anna on Film, 2011

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