Sina King's Berlin Burlesque Festival Diary

Sina King’s Berlin Burlesque Festival Diary

Entrancing Australian Sina King shares her Berlin Burlesque Festival experience… “Berlin, Berlin!” the cab driver shouts at the tourist-filled streets as he drives me to tech rehearsal. The city is bustling and the energy is high. I’m back in the city dubbed by its former mayor “poor but sexy” and I’m super excited. It’s the […]

Ruby Joule's Alabama Burlesque Festival Diary

Ruby Joule’s Alabama Burlesque Festival Diary

Texan temptress Ruby Joule shares her Alabama Burlesque Festival experience… Huntsville, Alabama. One of the USA’s top ten cities on the rise, and home of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, but not necessarily a hub for burlesque. Last year, performer and producer Miss Ida Claire decided to take matters into her own manicured hands and […]