The Grand Burlesque Show Part Two: Gentry’s Backstage Photo Diary

The fabulous Gentry de Paris kindly agreed to create a photo diary during her trip to Montreal. Enjoy the journey! The day started at the ungodly hour of 5 AM. Even 5 AM in Paris is painful. Unless of course you’re just getting home, which is what I’m usually doing at that hour. But I […]

The Grand Burlesque Show Part One: ‘Poutine and Champagne…’

Tanya Cheex reports on The Grand Burlesque Show in Montreal… Poutine may as well be the national dish in la belle provence of Quebec: french fries covered in gravy with squeaky cheese curds. I’ve been told this is most important. Poutine has nothing to do with burlesque (to my knowledge!) but it was a topic […]