BHoF 2014: Sunday Night - Icons and All Stars

BHoF 2014: Sunday Night – Icons and All-Stars

Hi everybody, it’s us, Kitten ‘N’ Lou!  After working our rhinestoned patooties off all weekend to win the title of ‘Most Comedic’ on Saturday night, we were delighted to just sit back, relax, sip on a giant pineapple cup filled with tequila, and be dazzled by the parade of Icons and All-Stars that graced the […]

Loulou Champagne's Berlin Burlesque Festival Diary

Loulou Champagne’s Berlin Burlesque Festival Diary

Parisian starlet Loulou Champagne shares her experience of the Berlin Burlesque Festival 2013… DAY 1 If I say Berlin, I am sure you will think of polite people, Currywurst, Oktoberfest, Checkpoint Charlie, the Wall, and beers. Think again. Berlin is the new Mecca of burlesque, and now I understand this burly exodus. What can I […]

The Burlesque Assassins now available on DVD and Digital Download

Burlesque Assassins now on DVD and Digital Download.

“The Burlesque Assassins: beautiful, deadly, and a vital weapon in the war against communism and tyranny that threaten our freedom. Created during WWII by the lovers turned resistance fighters Johnny Valentine and Katarina Molotov, The Burlesque Assassins used the feminine charms of the dancehall to lure their way within killing distance of the top ranking […]

BHoF 2012: Winners Videos

Burlesque Hall of Fame 2012: Winners Videos

The Burlesque Hall of Fame 2012 Tournament of Tease winning footage is now available to enjoy, courtesy of Deirdre Timmons of Golden Echo Films, and I present them all to you here on one handy page! See below for BHoF links to keep an eye on for 2013 information… Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2012: Imogen […]

BHoF 2012: Tournament of Tease PHOTOS

BHoF 2012: Tournament of Tease PHOTOS

21st Century Burlesque Magazine has teamed up with Orangeroads Photography to bring you exclusive and gorgeous photos from each of the fabulous BHoF showcases this weekend and, of course, the Saturday night pageant! I know you are all eager to see shots of the sensational performers who competed on Saturday Night, so here are some […]



Performance Photos from the Tournament of Tease Coming Soon… Congratulations to all the competitors, and the fabulous Winners! (Full List of Results) Stay tuned for more, and visit this link to catch up with all the coverage so far!

BHoF 2012: Best Debut

BHoF 2012: Best Debut

The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend is almost here, and I know the next few weeks are going to fly away as everyone makes their preparations. I fired my annual, ‘Meet the Competitors’ questions at this year’s ‘Best Debut’ competitors, and what a beautiful, talented and charismatic bunch they are!  Athletic and elegant Kitty Bang […]