Kitten N Lou at the Toronto Burlesque Festival 2015, by Chris Hutcheson.

Kitten ‘N’ Lou’s Toronto Burlesque Festival Diary 2015

Presenting: The Toronto Burlesque Festival with Kitten ‘N’ Lou (aka: Poutine and Pool Lounging, eh?) Can we talk about the Canadians? WHAT MAKES THEM SO NICE AND PLEASANT?! Is it their socialised healthcare system? The fact that they’ve had marriage equality for a while now? That their national ‘dish’ is essentially a pile of French […]

Roxi D'Lite at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend Tournament of Tease in The Orleans Showroom, Las Vegas. ©Chris Harman/Harman House Photography for 21st Century Burlesque Magazine. Not to be used without permission.

Burlesque Hall of Fame 2015: Icons and All Stars

Kitten ‘N’ Lou here, reporting from the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2015 Sunday night spectacular! After a criz-azy ‘show-busiest couple’ style weekend, jam packed to the glitter gills (panel speaking, bowling tournament judging, legends night performing, and competing in two categories on Saturday, PHEW!), we filled our pineapple cups with tequila and settled in […]

Red Hot Annie in the Viva Las Vegas 2015 burlesque showcase. ©Tim Hunter

Kitten ‘N’ Lou’s Viva Las Vegas 2015 Burlesque Diary

Kitten ‘N’ Lou do Viva Las Vegas! When we first got the email from the gorgeous Audrey Deluxe asking us to perform at Viva Las Vegas Weekend 18, our first thought was: ‘Really? You want these two gay dancing weirdos? At a Rockabilly festival?’  Our next thought was: ‘Well, that’s fantastic!’ Full disclosure: our initial, […]

Imogen Kelly's New York Burlesque Festival Diary

Imogen Kelly’s New York Burlesque Festival Diary

Beating the Burly Blues NYC style: Miss Exotic World 2012 Imogen Kelly‘s New York Burlesque Festival Diary. Today I saw a crab escape from a Chinese restaurant and make a dash across Grand St. After dodging mincing leaps from women in heels and amongst much high pitched screaming, it slid into the gutter and was […]

The Atomic Bombshells in CAKE! A Decade of Decadent Dazzle

The Atomic Bombshells in CAKE! A Decade of Decadent Dazzle (Photos)

The Atomic Bombshells in CAKE! A Decade of Decadent Dazzle, by Crystal Tassels. Seattle burlesque mainstays The Atomic Bombshells celebrated their tenth anniversary last weekend. Hosted by the ever-so-chipper BenDeLaCreme of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame, CAKE! A Decade of Decadent Dazzle was a glitzy delight. In addition to the Bombshells themselves, the troupe invited superstars […]