Ruby Joule's New Orleans Burlesque Festival Diary

Ruby Joule’s New Orleans Burlesque Festival Diary

Ruby Joule presents her New Orleans Burlesque Festival Diary… It is a long, nine hour drive from Austin to New Orleans, but it’s a drive I’ve got used to and now enjoy as I watch the Texas hill country give way to lush swampland and Spanish moss.  We rolled into the Crescent City the night […]

Ginger Valentine: Stripper's Holiday 2012

Ginger Valentine: Stripper’s Holiday 2012

This is the story of ten strippers picked to live in a house… Since attending Michelle L’amour‘s Stripper’s Holiday I’ve made (and heard) plenty of Real World jokes while fondly discussing this very special week of cohabitation, artistic exploration and growth for burlesque performers. And while it helps my listener draw their own outrageous conclusions, […]

Minnie Tonka's Burlesque Hall of Fame Diary

Minnie Tonka’s Burlesque Hall of Fame Diary

Tonka’s Recap of the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend, 2012. Whoo hoo! Wednesday, May 30, 2012 I was so incredibly excited for the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2012! It was my fourth year in attendance, and I simply could not wait for the weekend to get here! Reuniting, hanging out, performing, and whoopin’ it […]

BHoF 2012: Thursday Night SHOW PHOTOS

BHoF 2012: Thursday Night SHOW PHOTOS

21st Century Burlesque Magazine has teamed up with Orangeroads Photography to bring you exclusive and gorgeous photos from each of the fabulous BHoF showcases this weekend and, of course, the Saturday night pageant! Here are some fabulous images from last night’s show… (Hover for captions, click to browse) Stay tuned for more, and visit this […]

BHoF 2012 In Pictures: Thursday Part 1

BHoF 2012 In Pictures: Thursday

Show photos from Thursday night coming soon! In the meantime, here are some snaps from some of the gorgeous attendees out and about at The Orleans! Send me your snaps at – more to come soon!

Exotic World - Capturing the Magic: Derek Jackson

Exotic World – Capturing the Magic: Derek Jackson

One of the most enjoyable and enduring aspects of the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekends, and indeed many burlesque events, is the array of beautiful photographs that are shared around the world. They can make you feel like you were there, capture affection, innovation, inspiration and celebration, and preserve magical memories for many years to […]

Viva Las Vegas 2012: POC Photo

Viva Las Vegas 2012

Seattle photographer, Paul O’Connell looks back at Viva Las Vegas 2012. With photos by Paul and fellow photographer, Derek Jackson… Viva Las Vegas, now in its 15th year, is “the Biggest Rockabilly Party in The World”, with rockabilly fashion, hundreds of souped-up vintage cars, scores of bands, and more neck tattoos than I have ever […]

Ginger Valentine's Dallas Burlesque Festival Diary

Ginger Valentine’s Dallas Burlesque Festival Diary

Smouldering temptress, Ginger Valentine shares her DBF experience, as a producer and a performer… Wednesday, February 1st. For months, Black Mariah, Missy Lisa and I worked tirelessly on the Fourth Annual Dallas Burlesque Festival. It would be our third year working together and we had planned the biggest weekend yet. In the wee hours of […]

Sydni Deveraux: New Orleans Burlesque Festival Diary

Sydni Deveraux: New Orleans Burlesque Festival Diary

Thursday – September 15, 2011 We arrive in New Orleans after leaving Hawaii on Wednesday. As we hadn’t slept since 7am the previous day, we were thrilled to leave the sticky tropical heat, and were met with a kinder, more gentle heat in NOLA. I must say, I’ve never met so many men in my […]


Lola van Ella’s New Orleans Festival Diary…

Oh New Orleans! What a whirlwind! I was thrilled to be heading back for the New Orleans Burlesque Festival, which has quickly become one of my favourite fesitvals and burlesque weekends… I packed up my costumes, my swing, supplies for the class I’d be teaching and more glittery and rhinestoned things than probably necessary (and […]