The Return of Tease-O-Rama

The return of Tease-O-Rama

“…I knew that I wasn’t alone, and more than that, I knew that burlesque was more than a fluke; it was a true revolution and we were the generals of this new army…” Dirty Martini Tease-O-Rama is, in many ways, the reason you are reading this right now, on this website. I decided to create […]

Gypsy Rose Lee Centennial Celebration: Seattle

Gypsy Rose Lee Centennial Celebration (Seattle)

The Gypsy Centennial (Seattle, 1/8/2011 @ The Triple Door) The frustrating part of being obsessed with an American burlesque icon – or any icon for that matter – is separating myth from unvarnished truth.  Gypsy Rose Lee’s memoirs are standard curriculum for burlesque aficionados – treasured, but perhaps a bit embellished by their author. Certain […]

Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2011 - Legends Challenge

BHoF Weekend 2011 Legends Challenge

BHoF Weekend 2011 Legends Challenge Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend is not only the world’s most prestigious burlesque gathering, it is also the longest running. Since 1957,  the weekend has ‘had its roots in the Hall of Fame founder, Jennie Lee’s annual gathering of stars from the art’s heyday’. Since Jennie’s passing in 1990, Dixie […]