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Preview: Burlesque On Ice

Preview: Burlesque On Ice

21st Century Burlesque
Preview: Burlesque On Ice

After hearing reports about the gorgeous Elle Dorado’s ice-skating burlesque routine at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival last year, I was made aware of an upcoming show in the UK which would turn ice-skating and burlesque into a full scale production.

Coming to London’s Bush Hall on 4-8th February, Burlesque On Ice is the creation of burlesque enthusiast and ice skater Sam Jenkins, who has taken time off from her job as a lawyer to pursue her dream of putting burlesque on ice.

The skaters of Burlesque On Ice.  ©Tigz Rice
The skaters of Burlesque On Ice. ©Tigz Rice

According to the Burlesque on Ice team, “the idea first came to Sam when she had to put together a routine for an ice skating competition. She had been interested in burlesque for some years and decided to choreograph a fan dance on ice. The routine went so well that she went on to develop it for an ice show performance, with the help of esteemed West End burlesquer Polly Rae, and the seeds of Burlesque On Ice were planted!”

Burlesque On Ice in a special performance in Westfield Shopping Centre last year.  ©Tigz Rice
Burlesque On Ice in a special performance in Westfield Shopping Centre last year. ©Tigz Rice

The Burlesque On Ice cast includes skaters from Disney On Ice and Holiday On Ice, and burlesque performers including Vicky Butterfly and Gwendoline Lamour. The show tells “a tongue-in-cheek Cinderella style story, mixing up stunning ice and burlesque solos and high-energy group skating numbers with biting burlesque humour and bawdy silliness.”

“I wanted the show to have the glitz and ooooh factor of an ice show but remain true to the satirical and comedic roots of burlesque. Burlesque shows in the time of the British Blondes often sent-up well known plays and stories with a irreverent and silly twist, and that is what we are doing with Burlesque On Ice,”  says Sam.

The Burlesque On Ice skaters. ©Tigz Rice
The Burlesque On Ice skaters. ©Tigz Rice

We are told to “expect glamour, sparkles, dancing on ice style numbers, comedy, bawdy behaviour and a fabulous night!”  I am genuinely curious to see if there is substance to the promised spectacular. I shall report back next week.

Burlesque On Ice: 4-8th of February at Bush Hall, London, UK. Tickets are available from

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