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In Pictures: The Beauties of Bustout Burlesque

In Pictures: The Beauties of Bustout Burlesque

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In Pictures: The Beauties of Bustout Burlesque

In an attempt to inject some thrill into your Thursday, here is a series of gorgeous photos from Bustout Burlesque on January 11th, 2014, featuring beautiful burlesque bombshells Ginger Valentine, Missy Lisa, Elle Dorado, Miss Miranda and Athena.

Bustout Burlesque founder and producer Rick Delaup explained the format and commented on the January 11th show:

Bustout Burlesque is a 1950s-style burlesque show in New Orleans, founded by Rick Delaup in 2005. The show features a comic emcee, singers, striptease dancers, and variety acts, all accompanied by a live traditional New Orleans jazz band. Bustout Burlesque performs monthly on the main stage at House of Blues in the historic French Quarter. Cast members include singer/dancer Athena, dancer/ice skater Elle Dorado, emcee/magician Dante, and regular guest performers such as Ginger Valentine, Missy Lisa, GoGo McGregor, Charlotte Treuse, and Chris McDaniel.

On Saturday, January 11th, Atlanta-based photographer Derek Jackson embarked on a 24 hour trip to New Orleans to document Bustout Burlesque. The show featured Dante, Athena, Elle Dorado, Ginger Valentine, Missy Lisa, Miss Miranda, and Chris McDaniel.  The show’s finale was Elle Dorado’s striptease on ice.  A former professional figure skater, Elle Dorado first premiered her ice skating routine at the 5th Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival this past September.

The Bustout Burlesque band is led by guitarist Matt Bell, and features Doc Richards (drums), Greg Schatz (upright bass), Mike Jenner (sax), and Jim Thornton (trumpet).”

Derek Jackson is a passionate and talented burlesque photographer who has beautifully captured some of the best burlesque performers in the world. He spoke to 21CB about shooting Bustout Burlesque:

“I really do enjoy shooting Bustout Burlesque shows. There’s a magic to it that I love. It’s a traditional show, like burlesque shows back in the day. Seeing a burlesque show with a live jazz band is a rarity these days, and the Bustout Burlesque band is top notch. They play the old burlesque standards so well, and it really helps to transport you back in time. Athena is an amazing singer who is the longest running member of the Bustout Burlesque cast. Her sassy songs are really fun, plus her voice is incredible. Bustout Burlesque also uses fun magic and variety acts as part of the show, like it was in the heyday of yesteryear. I’m a huge fan of both, especially the magic acts, which are some of the best I’ve seen. Then there are the dancers! I can’t say enough about the talent that Bustout Burlesque brings to the stage. They’re some of the best in the business, and if you ever find yourself in New Orleans, then a Bustout Burlesque show at the House of Blues is not to be missed.”

All photos by Derek Jackson. Click to browse, hover for captions.

Ginger Valentine in Bustout Burlesque. ©Derek Jackson
Ginger Valentine in Bustout Burlesque. ©Derek Jackson

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