VIBF audience treated to scandalous public seduction, courtesy of Catherine D'Lish.

Catherine D’Lish and Russell Bruner treat the VIBF audience to a scandalous public seduction.

Catherine D’Lish was about to take to the stage at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, and the audience knew they were in for a treat.  None of them anticipated the depraved, shameless display that was about to take place! The victim, ‘Reigning King of Burlesque’ Russell Bruner, and the mistress of seduction, Catherine D’Lish, recall the evening in every sensual detail. Enjoy!

Russell Bruner:

“Toward the close of Saturday Night at the Vancouver Burlesque Festival, I joined Shannon Doah and Judith Stein at a table up close to the stage at the Vogue Theatre. I had a fantastic view.

When Catherine D’Lish took the stage, it was something I had been looking forward to all weekend. I love what she does.

Catherine D’Lish and Russell Bruner at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. ©Voodoo Bill
Catherine D’Lish and Russell Bruner at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. ©Voodoo Bill

She started taking off a glove and came toward me and motioned for me to come take it. As I walked toward her, I guessed that she would probably pull it away as I reached for it. So I took my time and gradually reached up after glancing back at the audience.

To my surprise, I got hold of her glove, but she wasn’t letting go of it. She lead me with it to the stairs leading up to the stage and launched me onto the chaise lounge at centre stage and continued with her striptease.

I didn’t know what was going to happen next and it made me a bit anxious and excited, but in an attempt to at least look calm and relaxed, I crossed my legs and laid back.

As she started to untie her corset in front of me, just in arms reach, I could see I was going to get to help her loosen the lacing.

I was taking it all in, and I found myself admiring the fine details of her corset and how it hugged her hourglass figure just perfectly. I had to remind myself to focus on the laces.

I pulled at the laces, and soon the corset was in my hands which I held onto gently and left on my lap.

Catherine moved behind me and caressed me with her hands downward, as the soft red curls of her hair moved down beside me, and she continued to surround me and gracefully made her way to sitting on my lap. She teased, taking her bra off and then pulling out a feather fan, placing my head between the fan and where the bra was coming off.

The bra came off and I could now see what the audience couldn’t see behind the feather fan. My face brushed up against her breast before she whisked away to reveal to the audience.

As she posed to the audience and started making her exit, I lifted her up on my shoulder and presented her for another round of applause, and carried her off stage.

It was a stunning and delightful to experience it all. I left the stage convinced that I’m truly the luckiest man alive…”

Catherine D’Lish and Russell Bruner at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. ©Cameron Brown
Catherine D’Lish and Russell Bruner at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. ©Cameron Brown

Catherine D’Lish:

“It was late on Saturday night – about 100 o’clock, I think – and I was about to wander out onto the stage at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. The theatre was old and gorgeous, I had been enjoying the hospitality of the good folks involved, and I was looking forward to meeting the enthusiastic crowd.

It wasn’t long after making my way downstage that a well-dressed, dashing gentleman caught my eye. I knew that I had been hired to do a very specific job, and was expected to dance around and take some stuff off, but I couldn’t fight the effect his powerful gaze was having on me. I was too distracted to focus on anything but those big brown eyes…  I started to entertain fantasies of what his distinctive mustache might feel like brushing against my ___________…

Within moments, it was as if the entire audience had disappeared, and this mysterious stranger and I were drawn together by an otherworldly force… I was unable to fight it. I tried to toss him my glove in the hopes that this tiny gesture could somehow convey the feelings that were exploding within me. He very cavalierly ambled up to the stage and I wasn’t at all sure if he sensed my desire… However, once connected by my glove, it was as though there was electricity flowing through the crystal, and I could tell that he’d soon be mine.

Catherine D'Lish and Russell Bruner at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival.  ©Cameron Brown
Catherine D’Lish and Russell Bruner at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. ©Cameron Brown

He followed me up the stairs and across the stage, as though we were engaged in a hypnotic tango. In one deft, masculine move he was upon my chaise. I started to suspect that he was a more than willing victim…

Such a tall hunk of delicious man meat was much easier for me to handle once he was helplessly laid on my couch, and I just couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough. I freed myself from my corset and felt his virility through his vest, imagining what was underneath… I’d seen photographs of his bounteous rump and manly chest; my head was spinning imagining what else was waiting for me under those pinstripes.

As I got closer to nudity, our limbs intertwined. I got closer to him, mounting him, feeling his heat pressed against mine…

Too soon the music ended, and suddenly there we were, a cold bucket of water cruelly tossed upon our throes of passion… and all I could do was curse myself for not picking longer songs…”

More Festival coverage coming soon…

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    How utterly romantic!

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    How utterly romantic!!

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