Burlesquers of the World

Introducing the next 21st Century Burlesque Magazine print edition: Burlesquers of the World.

Ophelia Flame Copyright Michael Albov
Copyright Michael Albov

This new print edition, in the style of the popular ‘Humans of…’ social pages, will showcase more of you than ever before and provide insight into your lives and work.Rather than being a full length profile, I ask you to offer an anecdote, story or experience from your life and career as a burlesque performer.

You can choose from the following examples or offer something different, but you can’t write a straight biography or PR profile and your limit is approx. 300 words.

– Talk about a time when you overcame a big obstacle.
– Describe the development of your signature act.
– Describe an unforgettable experience during your time as a performer.
– Share your favourite backstage experience at a show.
– Tell us who or what you look to for inspiration and/or encouragement.
– Confess an insecurity and how you manage it.
– Tell us something nobody knows about you.
– Describe a game-changing performance in your career.
– Tell us about your family and/or children and what they bring to your life.
– Share a burlesque tour story from the road.
– Share a pre-show ritual or superstition.
– Share an experience of competing in a competition.
– Tell us about the burlesque scene in your city and what you are most proud of.
– Share an embarrassing moment, or your biggest onstage fail.

Or share a different story, confession or anecdote of your choice!

You also need to upload a photo which is at least 700px width and ideally links to your words in some way. If you struggle to do that and want to send a photo of you at your most fabulous, that’s okay too! Please put the photographer credit in the image title.

*Save your story in a document so you don’t lose it in the event of a technical issue!

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