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Burlesquers of the World: Mrs Mystique, Italy

Burlesquers of the World: Mrs Mystique, Italy

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Mrs Mystique ©Sally Van Tassel

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In 2012 I attended my first burlesque festival in Lindau (Germany), so before leaving Italy I thought to ask for some good advice from a burlesque performer living overseas (she’s not with us anymore so I prefer to keep her name anonymous).

Mrs Mystique ©Sally Van Tassel
Mrs Mystique ©Sally Van Tassel

She gave me this great piece of advice that I would like to share with you:

“Keep your eyes open, and your mouth – not completely shut – but be wise and polite. Don’t take the divas who give you the “WTF are you doing here!?” looks to heart. Burlesque is getting saturated, and very competitive. You have every right to be there, dance, and enjoy this wonderful theatrical art. And don’t let the above advice make you so guarded that you miss beautiful opportunities for new friendships.

Have fun learning and being inspired. Don’t laugh out too loudly at the bad performances – even they have something to teach you.

Stage nerves: do what you gotta do to calm them and/or make them work for you. Enjoy the music while you’re dancing your routine; don’t rush. Remember, you’re displaying the art of the tease. If you have a goof on stage, laugh, wink at the audience and relax – you just had a bonding moment with them. Keep on moving. Kinda like when you fall off the bed while having sex: you laugh, adjust, and keep right on at it!”

It will always remain in my mind and heart.

Mrs Mystique

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