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Burlesque Assassins now on DVD and Digital Download.

Burlesque Assassins now on DVD and Digital Download.

21st Century Burlesque
The Burlesque Assassins now available on DVD and Digital Download

“The Burlesque Assassins: beautiful, deadly, and a vital weapon in the war against communism and tyranny that threaten our freedom. Created during WWII by the lovers turned resistance fighters Johnny Valentine and Katarina Molotov, The Burlesque Assassins used the feminine charms of the dancehall to lure their way within killing distance of the top ranking members of the Nazi regime. Their mission: SEDUCE AND DESTROY.”

The Burlesque Assassins
The Burlesque Assassins

After more than fifty screenings in ten countries, the award winning feature film The Burlesque Assassins is thrilled to be launching on DVD and Digital Download.

The film stars an international lineup of burlesque superstars, such as Roxi DLite, Armitage Shanks, Kiki Kaboom, Kitten de Ville, Koko La Douce, Amber Ray, Kellita, Scarlett Martini, and many more! See the film that Time Out London described as “rollicking action and romance”.

Jonathan Joffe, director of The Burlesque Assassins, was impressed by his cast of burlesque stars: “It was astounding how the burlesque attitude of ‘check your ego at the door and work together to make something great’ infected the crew and got everyone behind this project in the wee small hours of the morning. The only thing more astounding was that the crew ended up more naked then the cast! How did that happen? Look out 21st Century Burlesque fans, The Burlesque Assassins are coming!”

Roxi DLite discussed The Burlesque Assassins in a 21st Century Burlesque Magazine interview at the end of 2011…

Roxi D'Lite, Miss Exotic World 2010, in The Burlesque Assassins.  ©The Burlesque Assassins
Roxi D’Lite, Miss Exotic World 2010, in The Burlesque Assassins. ©The Burlesque Assassins

“I had such a blast working on set for Burlesque Assassins. The cast and crew were so much fun to work with and I had a great time getting to know everyone. We worked our butts off for seventeen days, which was a really ambitious shooting schedule.”

“It was the first time being on set for a lot of us; it was a whole new world to me. For my first acting experience it was a good one.”

“My character, Bourbon Sue, is a rockabilly delinquent who is recruited by Johnny Valentine, played by Armitage Shanks, into a top secret gang of sexy assassins who are vital weapons in the war on communism that threatens the free world … My favourite scene I got to shoot was my fight scene, which I got to help choreograph myself. We all had to have fight lessons and we trained a bit. I can now roundhouse, I learned a lot, and I guess I’m a pretty good kicker!”

Support 21st Century Burlesque by visiting the Burlesque Assassins website through this link for all the details and to purchase your copy!

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