A BHoF Letter from Imogen Kelly, Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2012

A BHoF Letter from Imogen Kelly, Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2012

  Veteran burlesque star Imogen Kelly, who previously discussed her battle with breast cancer on 21st Century Burlesque Magazine, has asked me to publish a letter to the 2015 Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend attendees and the wider community. Take it away, Imogen…   Dear BHoFers, Firstly, congratulations to Queen Trixie and to all the other […]

The Wonderful Strippers of OZ on the Yellow Brick Road to BHoF

Australian Queen of Burlesque Imogen Kelly is a woman with a very special cause… If I have a file at The Australian Council of The Arts I am sure they have branded it ‘Dirty Stripper’ with a big caution sticker sealing it shut. If I wasn’t a dirty stripper, I could get a government grant. […]

Imogen Kelly's New York Burlesque Festival Diary

Imogen Kelly’s New York Burlesque Festival Diary

Beating the Burly Blues NYC style: Miss Exotic World 2012 Imogen Kelly‘s New York Burlesque Festival Diary. Today I saw a crab escape from a Chinese restaurant and make a dash across Grand St. After dodging mincing leaps from women in heels and amongst much high pitched screaming, it slid into the gutter and was […]

Imogen Kelly: The Fight for Survival

Imogen Kelly: Putting up a Fight

In an exclusive, special piece, Imogen Kelly (Reigning Queen of Burlesque/Miss Exotic World 2012) discusses her battle with breast cancer, the ongoing struggle for progress in treatment, and looking to the future.  Thank you Imogen for this candid, moving article. HM. (Top image ©Richard Just) October. Finally October is over. I can breathe out now […]

A Dirty Weekend at the Ruby Revue...

A Dirty Weekend at the Ruby Revue…

I’m not one to blow smoke. In fact I’m the opposite. My friends laugh at me and say I’m the ‘Patsy’ of burlesque – meaning Patsy, the jaded, cynical chain smoker from Absolutely Fabulous. In a way it is comically true. I like to critique burlesque the same way I would critique any other show […]

Burlesque Royale

Review: Burlesque Royale

Burlesque Royale: Sydney Performance It’s 6.45am on Sunday 23rd Jan.  My sequined ‘Dynasty’ gown is in a crumpled heap on the floor like a deflated Joan Collins. My high heels on the rug are two exhausted porn stars after a drug-fuelled sex orgy and the remnants of my make-up cling to my face – my […]