THE BURLESQUE TOP 50 2009: No. 10

As it happens, we are celebrating a TOP ELEVEN.
Because we have two British Beauties tied at No. 10!

Vicky Butterfly

[Vicky Butterfly ©LA Burlesque]

Vicky Butterfly ©LABurlesque

“In my opinion, Vicky is possibly the most unique contemporary burlesque artiste in the UK. Whilst her style is difficult to sumarise, I feel Gina Louise at did an excellent job when she described Vicky thusly:

‘She flits about the stage like a humming bird, with an innocence and grace that you would not believe fitting with the art of burlesque, yet she manages it perfectly.’

I regularly cite Vicky as one of my personal inspirations – I’m captivated by her gentle grace, exquisite poise and unconventional costuming elements every time I watch her. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of watching Vicky perform…”

Beatrix von Bourbon

Vicky is so distinctive and unique, as a person and as a performer – it is as if she has literally stepped out of history and materialised on the neo-burlesque stage. Her acts could more accurately be described as moving, breathing paintings. Her skill as a costumier, her grace and incorporation of so many forms of dance, drama and artistry, and her vast imagination produce ethereal mischievous magic…

“Tons of girls copy Vicky’s acts and costumes, but she’s the original. One of the more erudite burlesquers, Vicky researches and takes inspiration from primary sources. And she’ll dig to the bottom of the most disgusting flea market bin to find the treasures that no one else would recognise as showgirl costumes from another epoch…”

Gentry de Paris

Just think of the most beautiful, delicate and whimsical Victorian side-showgirl your imagination can conjure, and you may begin to capture the essence of Vicky…

Click here for a beautiful video of Vicky’s ‘Swan Bride’…

Beatrix Von Bourbon

[Beatrix Von Bourbon ©2008 Cherry Bomb Rock Photography]

Beatrix Von Bourbon ©2008 Cherry Bomb Rock Photography

“Beatrix Von Bourbon is a true burlesque beauty, entertainer and academic. With her feet planted firmly in its sequined world, she continues to inspire those finding themselves new and lost in the world of burlesque, as well as rightfully winning the utmost respect of seasoned pros and veterans alike.

With her wonderful and brilliant ideas, full speed ahead to the greatest of things – Beatrix Von Bourbon, without a doubt, is destined to be a legend of burlesque…”

Joe Black

We are thrilled to see a cherished member of our team make your TOP 10.

Brandishing brains and beauty in equal measure; Beatrix is hugely respected for her knowledge, insight and encouragement, as well as her skill and creativity as a performer. She can be kitsch, colourful, moving and lyrical; prioritising innovation and narrative over the more conventional, classic styles of burlesque.

A true burlesque philosopher; Beatrix examines and guides us through elements of performance and politics with humour and honesty.

Offstage, she produces the popular and successful Hot Muffins Burlesque, in Reading UK, and runs ‘Shake It Doll‘ – a website dedicated to events and insights into the UK burlesque scene.

Click here for one of Beatrix’ most moving and magical performances…

21st Century Burlesque
21st Century Burlesque

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