Festive Fashion

The 21CB editorial team have finally managed to battle through the snow and select some of their Christmas-inspired fashion favourites to keep you looking festive and fabulous through the winter!

Red Dresses - Tara Starlet (©Tara Starlet)(©Tara Starlet)

We adore these beautiful red dresses from Tara Starlet!

(From left to right: Full Circle Skirt Prom Dress,  £80.00;  Satin Sweetheart Dress, £87.50;  Vamp Prom Dress, £80.00.)

Bordello Shoes @ Love Burlesque (©Bordello/Love Burlesque)

These Bordello shoes would look just as fabulous hung and sparkling on the Christmas tree as they would on your feet! (Available at Love Burlesque)

Accessories (©Dolly Dagger and Unique Vintage)

Feel warm and merry all through the Winter in these gorgeous accessories. (Red First Love Cloche Hat, £55.00 and  Red Sequin Bow Scarf, £39.0o – from Dolly Dagger; Embossed Beaded Gloves, $12.00 – Unique Vintage.)

Vivien of Holloway Luxury Dresses (©Vivien of Holloway)

(©Vivien of Holloway)

As always, Vivien of Holloway have a beautiful range of dresses for each and every season…

(Clockwise, from the top: Luxury Halterneck with Red and Purple dotsLuxury White Satin Halterneck with Green StarsLuxury Halterneck with Red and Gold dots. All £98.00.)

Red Bags (©Dolly Dagger and PinupGirlClothing)

Carry around your festive cheer in one of these bow-tiful bags!

(Clockwise from bottom left: Satin Clutch with Bows, $68.00 – PinupGirlClothing;  Irregular Choice ‘No Place Like Home’ Clutch Bag, £39.00 – Dolly Dagger;   Patent Leather Bow Handbag, £65.00 – Dolly Dagger.)

Gold Gowns (©Unique-Vintage)


Instead of red, why not stand out in dazzling angelic gold…

(From left to right: Champagne Sequins and Charmeuse Dress, $238.00; Gold Sequins and Rhinestones Gown, $358.00; Ivory Flapper Dress, $198.00. All available from Unique Vintage.)

(©Laura Byrnes / PinupGirlClothing)

(©Laura Byrnes / PinupGirlClothing)

Be ravishing in red or a goddess in green, courtesy of Pinup Girl Clothing!

(Left: Sierra Dress in Red from Bettie Page Clothing, now on sale at $70.00; Sophia Dress in Jade Green from Pinup Couture, now on sale at $58.00.  Both available from PinupGirlClothing.)

Gold and Silver Jewellery (©Anna Lou of London)

(©Anna Lou of London)

Twinkle like a star in these glittering pieces from Anna Lou of London…

(Yellow Heart Necklace with swarovski crystals, £25.00; Northern Lights Star Necklace, £25.00; Masquerade Necklace with swarovski crystals, £35.00; Northern Lights Star Earrings, £17.50.)

Red Gowns (©Unique Vintage)

(©Unique Vintage)

Be a Christmas princess in one of these stunning gowns from Unique Vintage…

(Left:  Red and Black Sequin Gown, $598.00;  Right: Red Sequins and Tulle Rose Strapless Gown, $378.00.)

Red Bow Necklaces

Finish your ensemble just as you would a Christmas present –  with a big red bow!

(From left to right: Classic Hardware Perky Bow Necklace, $54.00 – Unique Vintage;   Glitter and Twisted Bow Necklace, £24.00 – Dolly Dagger;  Glamour Red Bow Necklace, £15.00 – Anna Lou of London.)

All images used and assembled are copyright. Please ask permission before use.