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Dirty Martini (©Don Spiro)

Dirty Martini (©Don Spiro)

Dirty Martini

(Miss Exotic World 2004 and Burlesque TOP 50 No.1 2009)

“No one compares. She is one of the most spectacular individual spirits I have ever had the privilege of knowing and will knock your socks off and blow your mind every time she explodes on stage. I love her, love her, LOVE HER!”

Amber Ray

Incomparable and unmatched in her vigour, vitality, warmth and confidence; Dirty is the ultimate burlesque extrovert, glowing with charisma, passion and presence. A neo-burlesque icon…

Despite her status, awards and accolades, Dirty is always so gracious and generous with her time and attention. She is the life and soul of every burlesque event (and afterparty!)

But beneath the dazzling smile, big hair and curves for days, is a sharp mind and an articulate writer and speaker – ready to dispense advice, commentary and opinion on a range of issues and concepts. Dirty is particularly outspoken about the mainstream media – the ideals and aesthetics it forces on modern women, and its distortion and suppression of sexuality and the individual.

In 2010, Dirty performed at the New York Burlesque Festival, at BHoF, at the Toronto Burlesque Festival, at the Life Ball in Vienna, at Neil Kendall’s Halloween Ball in Chester, UK, with an extra stop-off in London; at the Micca Club in Rome, with her fellow Queens of Burlesque in New York; and ended the year by performing in Dita von Teese’ sensational LA show at The Roxy.

Dirty appeared on screen as much as she did on stage. She featured in Immodesty Blaize’ documentary film Burlesque Undressed, and joined Immodesty and Catherine D’Lish on UK primetime TV. She was also the star of Gary Beeber’s documentary film, Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque, which premiered in 2010 and features many other well known New York burlesque faces.

Her most famous appearance on screen in 2010 is undoubtedly in Mathieu Amalric’s, Tournée (On Tour), which took Cannes by storm, and sent Dirty and her fellow members of Cabaret New Burlesque on a tour around Europe and other international locations. Dirty, Julie Atlas Muz, Evie Lovelle, Kitten on the Keys, Roky Roulette and Mimi le Meaux are still in the middle of a sell-out run of shows in Paris.

Dirty has a unique form, grace and physicality that takes over and transforms any space she occupies. Like many of her fellow greats that appear in your TOP 10, Dirty is also a sought after instructor and teacher, encouraging and nurturing excellence and self-belief.

You can’t help but gravitate towards her – her image alone has become a triumphant, joyous symbol of contemporary burlesque.

She remains your ultimate burlesque heroine…

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Dirty on Film, 2010…

A wonderful 20 min. short film – ‘Dirty Martini’

Interview with Dirty – Cabaret New Burlesque, Nantes.

Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque Trailer

Halloween Ball – Chester, UK.

Noorderzon Festival, The Netherlands…

Halloween Ball – Chester, UK.


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