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10 Most Popular Burlesque Articles of 2015

Red Hot Annie in the Viva Las Vegas 2015 burlesque showcase. ©Tim HunterRead more

Happy New Year, all! Last year’s ‘most popular burlesque articles’ post was so popular I’ve created one for 2015 for you to enjoy while you recover from last night’s festivities/gigs/denial.  1. LUCKY PIERRE’S DROPS BURLESQUE PERFORMER DUE TO HER SIZE. BURLESQUE COMMUNITY ERUPTS. “Before I was fully awake this morning in London my inbox was filling […]

Sydni Deveraux: On body modification, elective surgery and the joys of changing your body in the age of the Internet.

Sydni Deveraux, by Kaylin Idora. ( Burlesque Performers: Get Paid. Stop Working for Free! - 21st Century Burlesque Magazine)Read more

A little post about body modification, elective surgery and the joys of changing your body in the age of the Internet. This was spurred by comments I see on Instagram on people’s accounts, Facebook, society’s response to Bruce Jenner, body builders, the burlesque community, debates over black women’s hair, etc… So I’m kind of a […]

Lola Frost’s Colorado Burlesque Festival Diary

Lola Frost's Colorado Burlesque Festival DiaryRead more

Enjoy this fabulous recap of the 2014 Colorado Burlesque Festival, courtesy of headliner Lola Frost!  Click the link at the end to apply for this year’s festval… Thursday I walked swiftly but with intention away from the border control desk, passed the steel grey sliding doors and smiled to myself. I did it, I’m free, […]

Imogen Kelly’s New York Burlesque Festival Diary

Imogen Kelly's New York Burlesque Festival DiaryRead more

Beating the Burly Blues NYC style: Miss Exotic World 2012 Imogen Kelly‘s New York Burlesque Festival Diary. Today I saw a crab escape from a Chinese restaurant and make a dash across Grand St. After dodging mincing leaps from women in heels and amongst much high pitched screaming, it slid into the gutter and was […]

Interview: Doc Wasabassco – 10 Years in Burlesque (Part Two)

Interview: Doc Wasabassco – 10 Years in Burlesque (Part Two)Read more

As their spectacular 10th Anniversary Extravaganza approaches, Sydni Deveraux‘s interview with burlesque producer Doc Wasabassco continues. Read Part One here. Often our conversations around all of this turn to pay. I’ve been an advocate of raising the pay in Seattle, and now that I’m in New York I feel it’s the same issue in a […]