Sublime Boudoir

Sublime Boudoir: Burlesque Brilliance at Alder Manor

The Roustabouts in Sublime Boudoir at Alder Manor. ©Sublime BoudoirRead more

Burlesque star Betsy Rose reports on Sublime Boudoir at Alder Manor, which ran for two spectacular nights in New York in May 2017.  To experience and be a part of Sublime Boudoir at Alder Manor was a treat beyond my wildest dreams. As I completed my journey from foggy London Town to Yonkers, New York, […]

Behold! The Burlesque Afterparty to end all Afterparties!

Aerialist Jo Foley and Graeme Clint performing at the Sublime Boudoir Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2016 Afterparty.Read more

This year at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2016, sensational-spectacle-specialists Sublime Boudoir took the notorious burlesque afterparty to a whole new level. After each showcase from Thursday to Sunday, Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend guests were treated to an afterparty with a different fantastical theme: ‘Enchanted Garden’, ‘Victorian Mansion’, ‘Exotic Far East Temple’ and […]

Sublime Boudoir: Seduction of Senses

Sublime Boudoir: Seduction of SensesRead more

For a second year, I am proud to say that the Burlesque TOP 50 sponsor is the incredible Sublime Boudoir, a team of creative specialists who put on a one of a kind, spectacular theatrical event every year at a different global location. I experienced a Sublime Boudoir event in 2013 when they brought A […]