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Roxi DLite’s Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend Diary

Roxi D'Lite's Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend DiaryRead more

Roxi DLite, Miss Exotic World 2010, shares her Burlesque Hall of Fame 2013 experience… I remember first hearing about this place called Exotic World as far back as nearly a decade. A stripper/friend of mine told me about this place near Las Vegas where icons like the legendary Tempest Storm would gather for the weekend. […]

The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend Survival Guide

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Click here to read Sparkly’s updated Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend Survival Guide for 2013… OMFGBHOF! As I frantically type this, an army of burlesque starlets across the country are frantically packing, rhinestoning and trying to cram that last vintage gown into a bursting suitcase… And that means it’s almost time for Burlesque Hall of […]

The return of Tease-O-Rama

The Return of Tease-O-RamaRead more

“…I knew that I wasn’t alone, and more than that, I knew that burlesque was more than a fluke; it was a true revolution and we were the generals of this new army…” Dirty Martini Tease-O-Rama is, in many ways, the reason you are reading this right now, on this website. I decided to create […]