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PHOTOS: Icons and All Stars Showcase (Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2017)

Ophelia Flame in the Icons and All Stars Showcase at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2017. Image by Honey Beavers, exclusively for 21st Century Burlesque MagazineRead more

The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2017 continued last night with the 60th Annual Titans of Tease Showcase at the Orleans Showroom, Las Vegas. Hosted by BenDeLaCreme, the showcase included appearances from Sassy Lassy Award winner Ophelia Flame, Dirty Martini (Miss Exotic World 2004), Jo Weldon (Author of The Burlesque Handbook), Foxy Tann and Wham Bam Nation (Best Troupe 2006), Frenchie […]

Cha Cha Velour’s Vermont Burlesque Festival Diary

Cha Cha Velour's Vermont Burlesque Festival DiaryRead more

Cha Cha Velour looks back on the Vermont Burlesque Festival 2014… I was an invited guest for the Vermont Burlesque Festival. I felt honoured and excited to be listed on the headliner list along with Ray Gunn, Miss Astrid, Scarlett James, and Lili VonSchtupp. Thursday 23rd January My trip to Vermont started on Thursday with […]

Shan de Leers’ Southwest Burlesque Showcase Diary

Shan de Leers' Southwest Burlesque Showcase DiaryRead more

Superheroine Shan de Leers reports from the 8th Annual Southwest Burlesque Showcase… When a festival producer includes #NMisinappropriate as one of the official hashtags for the weekend, you just know you are in for a real good time, and the 8th Annual Southwest Burlesque Showcase did indeed show this broad an inappropriately good time… DAY […]

Jo Weldon’s BurlyCon 2013 Diary.

Jo Weldon: BurlyCon 2013Read more

A fantastic report from BurlyCon 2013, by BurlyCon Board Member and Vice President Jo ‘Boobs’ Weldon. Prepare for a lot of mushiness, gratitude, and self-congratulation. I had a great BurlyCon 2013 weekend. BurlyCon was seven years old this year, and it was our first year as a full-fledged 501C-3. It reinforced my passion for the […]

Desert Island Strips, Episode 1: Dangrrr Doll

Desert Island Strips, Episode 1: Dangrrr DollRead more

In a new series, neo genius Nasty Canasta interviews various burlesque figures and asks the following question: “If you were to be cast away on a desert island, which three striptease numbers, one burlesque performer, and single act of your own would you bring along to keep yourself sane and entertained?” The first castaway to […]