New Orleans Burlesque Festival

Elle Dorado: The Ice Skating Burlesque Queen of New Orleans

Elle Dorado: The Ice Skating Burlesque Queen of New OrleansRead more

Elle Dorado, winner of the 2014 New Orleans Burlesque Festival ‘Queen of Burlesque’ competition, wowed the crowd with something unexpected but ultimately victorious!  Elle spoke to 21st Century Burlesque Magazine about her experience and the creation of her ice skating burlesque routine… I’ve been a longtime admirer of burlesque.  Actually, a burlesque dancer, the venerable […]

Ginger Valentine: Becoming the Oyster Girl

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Ginger Valentine describes her journey as the new Evangeline the Oyster Girl… I’d like to take you on a not so mythical trip, through the bayous of Louisiana… I will never forget the day I met Kitty West – or as she’s more notoriously known, Evangeline the Oyster Girl – in person. As if meeting […]

Lola van Ella’s New Orleans Festival Diary…

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Oh New Orleans! What a whirlwind! I was thrilled to be heading back for the New Orleans Burlesque Festival, which has quickly become one of my favourite fesitvals and burlesque weekends… I packed up my costumes, my swing, supplies for the class I’d be teaching and more glittery and rhinestoned things than probably necessary (and […]