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Interview: Doc Wasabassco – 10 Years in Burlesque (Part Two)

Interview: Doc Wasabassco – 10 Years in Burlesque (Part Two)Read more

As their spectacular 10th Anniversary Extravaganza approaches, Sydni Deveraux‘s interview with burlesque producer Doc Wasabassco continues. Read Part One here. Often our conversations around all of this turn to pay. I’ve been an advocate of raising the pay in Seattle, and now that I’m in New York I feel it’s the same issue in a […]

Show Afterglow: Diversi-Tease 2014

Show Afterglow: Diversi-Tease 2014Read more

Co-producer Sweetpea reports on the delightful Diversi-Tease, which took place in Minneapolis earlier this year… The Diversi-Tease Showcase was a celebration of beauty in diversity. January 30th – February 1st brought a welcomed mid-winter heat wave to Minneapolis with a five-show bash at the historic Ritz Theater. ‘An Extravagant Weekend of Burlesque in the Twin […]

Nasty Canasta: Time To Put Your Glitter Where Your Mouth Is

Nasty Canasta: Time To Put Your Glitter Where Your Mouth IsRead more

If there’s one thing a 10th anniversary inspires, it’s decadent* introspection. Having only recently celebrated my own Aluminum Anniversary in the ecdysiastical arts, I’ve been just full of Terribly Important And Insightful Musings That Are Definitely Worthy To Be Shared And You Know You Want To Hear Them, Too. But then I realized no one […]

Desert Island Strips, Episode 1: Dangrrr Doll

Desert Island Strips, Episode 1: Dangrrr DollRead more

In a new series, neo genius Nasty Canasta interviews various burlesque figures and asks the following question: “If you were to be cast away on a desert island, which three striptease numbers, one burlesque performer, and single act of your own would you bring along to keep yourself sane and entertained?” The first castaway to […]

Nasty Canasta: End of Year Burlesque Self-Assessment

Nasty Canasta: End of Year Burlesque Self-AssessmentRead more

Nasty Canasta invites you to undertake an End of Year Burlesque Self-Assessment… 2013 Year-End Performance Review: Self-Evaluation (With thanks to the several naff business-form-online sites that provided inspiration and/or wording.) This Self Evaluation form is an opportunity for you to provide input into your Performance Review Process.*  The form assists you in focusing on specific […]

Nasty Canasta: Dollar Store Showgirl

Nasty Canasta: Dollar Store ShowgirlRead more

Is there any part of the USA yet left untouched by the magic of the dollar store? Be it the national Dollar Tree chain, the Crazy Dollar Daze! aisle of your local Legitimate Shopping Concern, or (my personal favourite) the random-mix-of-objects-involving-a-stunning-variety-of-languages-on-the-labels emporia that make up fully 89% of all retail establishments here in Brooklyn, these […]

Golden Pastie Results: New York Burlesque Festival 2010

Golden Pasties 2010Read more

Results from the NYBF 2010 Golden Pastie Awards. The Hottest Freshman of 2010 Miss Boo Boo Darlin’ The Leading Trendsetter in Burlesque Julie Atlas Muz The Best Burlesque Couple Trixie Little and The Evil Hate Monkey The Cool Cucumber Award: For Recovering Flawlessly from a Major Onstage Mishap! Amber Ray The Performer Most Likely to […]

BHoF: Full Results

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Full BHoF 2010 Results Reigning Queen of Burlesque Roxi DLite First Runner Up: Kristina Nekyia Second Runner Up: Nasty Canasta Best debut: Ms Tickle Best Boylesque: The Evil Hate Monkey Best Group: The Chicago Starlets Best Variety: Lola Martinet and Tila von Twirl Most Dazzling: Ms Tickle Most Innovative: Ms Tickle Most Comical: The Evil […]