Mat Fraser

From Root Canals to Bukaki: A Conversation with Julie Atlas Muz

Julie Atlas Muz, by Roxi D'Lite PhotographyRead more

While I had every intention of conducting a very earnest, professional and polite interview with Julie Atlas Muz, one half of the headlining husband (Mat Fraser) and wife team at the upcoming Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, May 6 and 7th, things somehow went off the rails very quickly. In the best possible way, mind you, […]

The New York Boylesque Festival 2014

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A Fancy Femme’s Take on a Weekend of Bedazzled Dongs: Kitten LaRue goes to the New York Boylesque Festival! Hi folks, it’s me, Kitten LaRue, Artistic Director of The Atomic Bombshells and the girly half of Kitten ‘N’ Lou!  I may be a gay lady but I can certainly appreciate some sparkly, sexy man action […]

EXPOSED: Beyond Burlesque screening at the ICA, London.

EXPOSED: Beyond Burlesque screening at the ICA, London.Read more

EXPOSED: Beyond Burlesque is a vital and valuable addition to the growing number of burlesque films and documentaries; a challenging, moving and enlightening examination of some of the best-known contemporary burlesque pioneers and trailblazers in all their raw, naked glory. It is screening at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, UK from tonight, 9th […]

Exposed: Julie Atlas Muz and Mat Fraser (Partnerships Series)

Exposed: Julie Atlas Muz and Mat Fraser (Partnerships Series)Read more

As they kick off a UK tour of their hit show Beauty and the Beast, and feature in a new burlesque documentary by Beth B, EXPOSED, I continue my Partnerships Series by interviewing trailblazing, hilarious and heavy hitting power couple Julie Atlas Muz and Mat Fraser. For the benefit of those who are new to […]

Lola Frost’s BurlyCon Diary

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Before I gave an interview on what I teach, someone whom I admire very much said to me, ‘Go get ’em, don’t be stingy with your knowledge. What you have to offer is valuable, be generous.’ It was sound advice from a leader I trusted. It gave me the insight and strength to not only […]

Minnie Tonka’s Burlesque Hall of Fame Diary

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Tonka’s Recap of the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend, 2012. Whoo hoo! Wednesday, May 30, 2012 I was so incredibly excited for the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2012! It was my fourth year in attendance, and I simply could not wait for the weekend to get here! Reuniting, hanging out, performing, and whoopin’ it […]

BHoF 2012: Thursday Night SHOW PHOTOS

BHoF 2012: Thursday Night SHOW PHOTOSRead more

21st Century Burlesque Magazine has teamed up with Orangeroads Photography to bring you exclusive and gorgeous photos from each of the fabulous BHoF showcases this weekend and, of course, the Saturday night pageant! Here are some fabulous images from last night’s show… (Hover for captions, click to browse) Stay tuned for more, and visit this […]