Lola Frost

Lola Frost’s Stockholm Burlesque Festival Diary

Lola Frost at the Stockholm Burlesque Festival 2015. Image copyright Jean Paul Bichard.Read more

A morning like any other was transformed in a single moment with the opening of a single email from Fraulein Frauke and John-Paul Bichard, producers of the Stockholm Burlesque Festival, asking me to join them overseas as one of their headlining performers. I literally started jumping on the bed! Yes, like a child. But I […]

Burlesque Match Game, BHoF Edition: Lola Frost

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For this year’s pre-BHoF contender profiles, the Miss Exotic World hopefuls were asked to play a burlesque edition of Match Game, with an added challenge – inspired by RuPaul’s Snatch Game version – to create a tribute selfie to one of their burlesque heroes. Next up, Lola Frost! 21st Century Burlesque Magazine Burlesque Hall of […]

Lola Frost’s Colorado Burlesque Festival Diary

Lola Frost's Colorado Burlesque Festival DiaryRead more

Enjoy this fabulous recap of the 2014 Colorado Burlesque Festival, courtesy of headliner Lola Frost!  Click the link at the end to apply for this year’s festval… Thursday I walked swiftly but with intention away from the border control desk, passed the steel grey sliding doors and smiled to myself. I did it, I’m free, […]

The Would-Be Queens: 20 Questions with Lola Frost

The Would-Be Queens: 20 Questions with Lola FrostRead more

It’s that time of year again when the ten wonderful women selected to compete for Miss Exotic World, Reigning Queen of Burlesque face my pre-pageant interview. This year, the contenders were sent twenty questions, composed of a question contributed by each of them and some additional questions from previous Miss Exotic World title-holders. Next up […]

Jo Weldon’s BurlyCon 2013 Diary.

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A fantastic report from BurlyCon 2013, by BurlyCon Board Member and Vice President Jo ‘Boobs’ Weldon. Prepare for a lot of mushiness, gratitude, and self-congratulation. I had a great BurlyCon 2013 weekend. BurlyCon was seven years old this year, and it was our first year as a full-fledged 501C-3. It reinforced my passion for the […]

Burlesque TOP 50 2013 Postmortem, by J.D. Oxblood

Burlesque TOP 50 2013 Postmortem, by J.D. OxbloodRead more

Disclaimer: This is an analysis of the results of the Burlesque TOP 50 2013 as compared to the predictions of the author based on handicapping per past rankings and prior performances. No subjective judgment is implied or should be construed except where noted by the author. All analyses (and opinions, where noted) are the product […]

Lola Frost: Musings on 2013 – The Successes, Struggles and Sass.

Lola Frost: Musings on 2013 – The Successes, Struggles and Sass.Read more

Lola Frost shares her thoughts on another year in burlesque as 2014 approaches… Last December I posted about my intentions for entering 2013 and my mantra being “I am a wild success” plastered to my vision board to be seen every morning and night. Being of the mindset of not making resolutions but of setting […]