Catherine D’Lish

Burlesque 101: Costume Fastenings

Burlesque 101: Costume FasteningsRead more

In a new series on 21st Century Burlesque Magazine, Burly Baker Jenni Fleur Silver guides you through burlesque essentials, reaching out to some of our brightest burlesque stars for their expertise and opinion. First up is a highly informative discussion about costume fastenings… Since I’ve dipped my toe back into the burlesque water, I’ve started […]

Gowning Around with Catherine D’Lish

Gowning Around with Catherine D'LishRead more

Interview with Catherine D’Lish by Jo Weldon. Catherine D’Lish is known for inventive, hyperglam, spectacular costuming. Her standard-setting work with Dita Von Teese is best known to many, but Catherine is constantly creating fresh, innovative designs, items that strike us as iconic immediately, working with fabric and trim in new and inspiring ways. Most recently […]

Burlesque TOP 50 2013 Postmortem, by J.D. Oxblood

Burlesque TOP 50 2013 Postmortem, by J.D. OxbloodRead more

Disclaimer: This is an analysis of the results of the Burlesque TOP 50 2013 as compared to the predictions of the author based on handicapping per past rankings and prior performances. No subjective judgment is implied or should be construed except where noted by the author. All analyses (and opinions, where noted) are the product […]

Dita Von Teese: Strip Strip Hooray! (Chicago 2013)

Dita Von Teese: Strip Strip Hooray! [Chicago 2013]Read more

Frenchie Kiss recounts her experience of Dita Von Teese’ spectacular Strip Strip Hooray! when it visited Chicago this year. (Full gallery of show photos at the end.) Ever since Dita Von Teese‘s surprise appearance at Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2013 to present Catherine D’Lish with the Sassy Lassy award, I’ve had a bit of […]

Roxi DLite’s Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend Diary

Roxi D'Lite's Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend DiaryRead more

Roxi DLite, Miss Exotic World 2010, shares her Burlesque Hall of Fame 2013 experience… I remember first hearing about this place called Exotic World as far back as nearly a decade. A stripper/friend of mine told me about this place near Las Vegas where icons like the legendary Tempest Storm would gather for the weekend. […]

Catherine D’Lish and Russell Bruner treat the VIBF audience to a scandalous public seduction.

VIBF audience treated to scandalous public seduction, courtesy of Catherine D'Lish.Read more

Catherine D’Lish was about to take to the stage at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, and the audience knew they were in for a treat.  None of them anticipated the depraved, shameless display that was about to take place! The victim, ‘Reigning King of Burlesque’ Russell Bruner, and the mistress of seduction, Catherine D’Lish, recall […]

Catherine D’Lish: London Bound

Catherine D'Lish: London BoundRead more

Catherine D’Lish will be hitting the UK next week, and she shares all the details about the trip and upcoming performances here with 21st Century Burlesque Magazine… You kick off your UK appearances at the Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival in Bradford on May 17th. What do you plan to perform? I’m very happy to have […]

Dita Von Teese: The Opium Den (12 Page Special)

Dita Von Teese: The Opium Den [12 Page Special]Read more

PLEASE NOTE: This content is the intellectual property of 21st Century Burlesque Magazine and Dita von Teese. You do not have the right to duplicate or republish this content. Please link to the content if you wish to refer to it, rather than quoting out of context. Thank you for respecting this notice. The Opium […]