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The Pastie Project: A Burlesque Costume History Book

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The Pastie Project is a book by costume designer and burlesque performer Rosey La Rouge, featuring an archive of vintage and modern burlesque pasties contributed by performers and costumers from all over the world. Around two years ago, Rosey, who has a Master’s degree in Costume Design, started thinking about how she could contribute more to the […]

Dangrrr Doll: The Cost of Burlesque

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The Cost of Burlesque, by Dangrrr Doll. Good morning, world! In the past several days on my Facebook, which unsurprisingly has a very specific mix of naked people and nerdy people, I’ve been seeing many cosplayers post ‘cost breakdowns’ of the costumes they make. This is a reaction to silly trolls on the internet saying […]

Burlesque 101: Costume Fastenings

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In a new series on 21st Century Burlesque Magazine, Burly Baker Jenni Fleur Silver guides you through burlesque essentials, reaching out to some of our brightest burlesque stars for their expertise and opinion. First up is a highly informative discussion about costume fastenings… Since I’ve dipped my toe back into the burlesque water, I’ve started […]

Nasty Canasta: Dollar Store Showgirl

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Is there any part of the USA yet left untouched by the magic of the dollar store? Be it the national Dollar Tree chain, the Crazy Dollar Daze! aisle of your local Legitimate Shopping Concern, or (my personal favourite) the random-mix-of-objects-involving-a-stunning-variety-of-languages-on-the-labels emporia that make up fully 89% of all retail establishments here in Brooklyn, these […]