Alyssa Kitt’s Perth International Burlesque Festival Diary

Vicky Butterfly at the Perth International Burlesque Festival. ©John LeonardRead more

Alyssa Kitt recaps the Perth International Burlesque Festival, also starring Vicky Butterfly, Medianoche, Lola The Vamp and Lillian Starr… There are few moments as special as the time of year when artists travel across the country and the world to get together to take their clothes off in the city of Perth. The Perth International […]

Blue Morris: A Man in Burlesque

Blue Morris: A Man in BurlesqueRead more

It was four years ago that I first stepped onto the stage in a burlesque show. The first show I performed in I co-produced with Pink Flamingo Burlesque and Malaika Millions. I was the bandleader and guitar player. And yes, I took my clothes off on stage. I even did a shoulder-stand in my boxers […]

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