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The Top 10 Lies They Tell You About Burlesque

The Top 10 Lies They Tell You About BurlesqueRead more

I am sure that somebody has touched on this subject before, but I thought I would suggest my own rendition anyway! As a neo-burlesque dancer, I am often presented with assumptions about what burlesque is, as well as how it all works. To outline the realities of our artform, here are some common misconceptions about […]

Facebook Real Name Policy: A Front Line Battle Report

Facebook Real Name Policy: A Front Line Battle ReportRead more

Burlesque performer Dottie Lux attended a meeting with Facebook last week to discuss the Facebook Real Name Policy affecting performers, the GLBTQ community, and other individuals across the world. The issue and the outcome of that meeting have received global press attention, and Dottie has produced an in-depth report for 21st Century Burlesque Magazine describing […]

10 Ways to Produce a Burlesque Show Safe from Misogyny

10 Ways to Produce a Burlesque Show Safe from MisogynyRead more

10 Ways to Produce a Burlesque Show Safe from Misogyny, by Dottie Lux. Share your view in the comments section below… Warning: this list speaks to burlesque performers as women. I acknowledge there are male burlesque performers and performers who reside outside the binary gender spectrum; for the sake of being concise I am speaking […]

Flawless Body/Flawless Self

Flawless Body/Flawless Self, by Kate Valentine.Read more

Editor’s Note: Kate Valentine, also known as celebrated burlesque host Miss Astrid, is the creator of The Va Va Voom Room (1997), a contemporary pioneer, and one of the best emcees in the business.  It is a privilege to share a new article from Kate with you, and I welcome your thoughts in the comments […]

Nasty Canasta: Time To Put Your Glitter Where Your Mouth Is

Nasty Canasta: Time To Put Your Glitter Where Your Mouth IsRead more

If there’s one thing a 10th anniversary inspires, it’s decadent* introspection. Having only recently celebrated my own Aluminum Anniversary in the ecdysiastical arts, I’ve been just full of Terribly Important And Insightful Musings That Are Definitely Worthy To Be Shared And You Know You Want To Hear Them, Too. But then I realized no one […]

Burlesque as a Feminist Act

Burlesque as a Feminist ActRead more

Words and opinions by Punani Difranco. I recently came across a video — posted on a good friend’s wall — of a comedian doing a piece of ‘feminist burlesque’*. She didn’t take off much clothing, but what she did take off revealed signs with feminist messages written on them — things like “Stop looking at […]

Backlash Blues

Backlash Blues, by Tangerine JonesRead more

This past Friday, a sideshow performer named Rush Aaron Hicks made the decision to perform in blackface at New York’s most well-renowned neo-burlesque palace, the Slipper Room. I did not see the act in question, but witnessed Hicks’ inane defense of his choices and participated in an online discussion that contained James Habacker’s initial private […]

Burlesque and Feminism: Give it a Rest!

Burlesque and Feminism: Give it a Rest!Read more

Last night, social networks were frothing with a range of responses to comedian Nadia Kamil’s ‘Feminist Burlesque’ routine, which she builds up to by taking cheap shots at respected burlesque performer Honey Wilde and her celebrated Margaret Thatcher act. While there have been a number of eloquent responses to the video, including this from Jason […]