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Burlesque Activism: Bunny Buxom Discusses Rabbit Hole Productions

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I am a member of the New York City burlesque community. I started performing nearly four years ago, jumping into the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of shows shortly following my debut and graduation from the New York School of Burlesque. After years of working as an associate producer with Jonny Porkpie and participating in the NYSB Driver’s Seat […]

On ‘The Burlesque Community’

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The burlesque scene is not a universally inclusive, comforting safe haven where you can spend your days high-fiving other ‘empowered’ women and singing Kumbaya around a warm, cosy campfire toasting rhinestone covered marshmallows.

Shan De Leers: A Hairy Adventure in Self Love

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And now, a badass public service announcement from Shan De Leers… It was so much more difficult to write this than I thought it would be. It is such a trivial thing I am writing about… or rather it should be. It shouldn’t be a thing that I felt compelled to write about, but I […]

Sydni Deveraux: On body modification, elective surgery and the joys of changing your body in the age of the Internet.

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A little post about body modification, elective surgery and the joys of changing your body in the age of the Internet. This was spurred by comments I see on Instagram on people’s accounts, Facebook, society’s response to Bruce Jenner, body builders, the burlesque community, debates over black women’s hair, etc… So I’m kind of a […]

Jo Weldon: The Value of Burlesque

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Following Dangrrr Doll’s piece earlier this week on The Cost of Burlesque, Jo Weldon presents The Value of Burlesque… Learning that you must GIVE value as well as HAVE value will help you to understand how to price your work in a way no amount of number crunching ever can. The past few weeks there […]

Dangrrr Doll: The Cost of Burlesque

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The Cost of Burlesque, by Dangrrr Doll. Good morning, world! In the past several days on my Facebook, which unsurprisingly has a very specific mix of naked people and nerdy people, I’ve been seeing many cosplayers post ‘cost breakdowns’ of the costumes they make. This is a reaction to silly trolls on the internet saying […]