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Perle Noire Builds Her House

Burlesque dancer Perle Noire with her new troupe, House of Noire. Photo by David L. ByrdRead more

To see Perle Noire is to be instantly dazzled. You can tell she’s a rock star simply by the way she enters the stage. She combines her natural talent with relentless hard work and investment, and has become one of the most desireable stars on the international burlesque circuit today. Hotly pursued as an instructor, […]

Burlesque Activism: Bunny Buxom Discusses Rabbit Hole Productions

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I am a member of the New York City burlesque community. I started performing nearly four years ago, jumping into the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of shows shortly following my debut and graduation from the New York School of Burlesque. After years of working as an associate producer with Jonny Porkpie and participating in the NYSB Driver’s Seat […]

Imogen Kelly’s New York Burlesque Festival Diary

Imogen Kelly's New York Burlesque Festival DiaryRead more

Beating the Burly Blues NYC style: Miss Exotic World 2012 Imogen Kelly‘s New York Burlesque Festival Diary. Today I saw a crab escape from a Chinese restaurant and make a dash across Grand St. After dodging mincing leaps from women in heels and amongst much high pitched screaming, it slid into the gutter and was […]

Interview: Doc Wasabassco – 10 Years in Burlesque (Part Two)

Interview: Doc Wasabassco – 10 Years in Burlesque (Part Two)Read more

As their spectacular 10th Anniversary Extravaganza approaches, Sydni Deveraux‘s interview with burlesque producer Doc Wasabassco continues. Read Part One here. Often our conversations around all of this turn to pay. I’ve been an advocate of raising the pay in Seattle, and now that I’m in New York I feel it’s the same issue in a […]

Jo Weldon presents GodDamned Women (Ft. Dirty Martini, Angie Pontani, Julie Atlas Muz)

Jo Weldon presents GodDamned Women (Ft. Dirty Martini, Angie Pontani, Julie Atlas Muz)Read more

Join Jo Weldon and friends as they celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the New York School of Burlesque with all-star spectacular GodDamned Women, featuring a fantastic lineup of NYSB instructors, including burlesque heavyweights Dirty Martini, Angie Pontani and Julie Atlas Muz.  Jo Weldon, headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque and author of The […]

INTERVIEW: Angie Pontani

INTERVIEW: Angie PontaniRead more

When I planned my schedule for the New York Burlesque Festival 2013, one of the first priorities was to arrange my first proper conversation with festival co-producer and Miss Exotic World 2008, Angie Pontani. We certainly made up for lost time with a long and interesting discussion, an updated edit of which I present to […]

The New York Boylesque Festival 2014

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A Fancy Femme’s Take on a Weekend of Bedazzled Dongs: Kitten LaRue goes to the New York Boylesque Festival! Hi folks, it’s me, Kitten LaRue, Artistic Director of The Atomic Bombshells and the girly half of Kitten ‘N’ Lou!  I may be a gay lady but I can certainly appreciate some sparkly, sexy man action […]