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What to Expect at a Typical Burlesque Show

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What to Expect at a Typical Burlesque Show, By Dr. Lucky. I’ve been deeply ensconced in burlesque for a while, and I’m constantly reminded that not everyone is privy to my insular world.  So I wrote this as an introduction to those who may be curious or interested or concerned.  This list is in no […]

Lolo Brow’s Guide to Deranged Disrobing.

Lolo Brow's Guide to Deranged Disrobing.Read more

I am a neo-burlesque artist, drag king and freakshow artist. I am sometimes known for my frantic antics on stage, but mostly for my love for distorting myself. I am often asked by audience members: ‘You are not bad looking. Why don’t you do classic?’  Firstly, I love classic; it’s graceful, elegant, sexy, but most […]

Ivy Wilde: Burlesque Fees If You Please

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Ah, the F word. There’s a lot of mystery around the amount performers charge for their services. It is often a taboo subject; I have had people whisper to me how much they are getting paid and feel incredibly guilty about it, like they’re telling me their deepest darkest secret. So here are some things […]

Nasty Canasta: End of Year Burlesque Self-Assessment

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Nasty Canasta invites you to undertake an End of Year Burlesque Self-Assessment… 2013 Year-End Performance Review: Self-Evaluation (With thanks to the several naff business-form-online sites that provided inspiration and/or wording.) This Self Evaluation form is an opportunity for you to provide input into your Performance Review Process.*  The form assists you in focusing on specific […]

Burlesque Beauty: Melody Sweets

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In my new Burlesque Beauty series, performers discuss their favourite beauty products, beauty regimes, indulgences and philosophy. Kitten De Ville opened the series, and next up is Absinthe burlesque star Melody Sweets… I discovered makeup at an early age. When I was a toddler of only 2-3 years old, my mother entered me in beauty […]

Nasty Canasta: Dollar Store Showgirl

Nasty Canasta: Dollar Store ShowgirlRead more

Is there any part of the USA yet left untouched by the magic of the dollar store? Be it the national Dollar Tree chain, the Crazy Dollar Daze! aisle of your local Legitimate Shopping Concern, or (my personal favourite) the random-mix-of-objects-involving-a-stunning-variety-of-languages-on-the-labels emporia that make up fully 89% of all retail establishments here in Brooklyn, these […]