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7 Ways to Compliment Burlesque Performers

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If you’re a burlesque dancer, Lort knows you’ve encountered all sorts of feedback on your acts/self as a performer. From the gushing super fans, the ‘but-what-do-your-parents-thinkers’, to the compli-sulters (my word for when someone tries to compliment you but ends up insulting you – ‘You’re so brave to be that big of a slut onstage!’). […]

Tina Topago’s Guide to Burlesque Stage Kittening

Tina Topago's Guide to Burlesque Stage KitteningRead more

Martina Naccari – aka Tina Topago – who has worked with Italian burlesque agency Voodoo De Luxe since 2013, shares her tips for becoming a sought after stage kitten… I wasn’t born a stage kitten and no one ever taught me how to do it, but in my experience of ‘kittening’ I’ve seen the weirdest things […]