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Burlesque Queens at Theatre Bizarre 2014: A Fiendish Fairytale

Theatre Bizarre 2014: Through the LensRead more

Relive the unique spectacle of Theatre Bizarre 2014 – starring Roxi D’Lite, Dirty Martini, Angie Pontani, Julie Atlas Muz and Russell Bruner – through the eyes of flamboyant burlesque photographer Neil Kendall… When my burlesque pal Roxi D’Lite and I had an post-party chinwag last summer at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Vegas, […]

The Atomic Bombshells in CAKE! A Decade of Decadent Dazzle (Photos)

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The Atomic Bombshells in CAKE! A Decade of Decadent Dazzle, by Crystal Tassels. Seattle burlesque mainstays The Atomic Bombshells celebrated their tenth anniversary last weekend. Hosted by the ever-so-chipper BenDeLaCreme of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame, CAKE! A Decade of Decadent Dazzle was a glitzy delight. In addition to the Bombshells themselves, the troupe invited superstars […]

The Madame Jojo’s Peace Vigil in Words, Photos and Video.

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In October, a violent incident involving iconic Soho venue Madame Jojo’s, a celebrated performance space for several decades and home to productions including House of Burlesque, The Folly Mixtures Revue and Cabaret Roulette, led to action by Westminster Council which has been condemned as “draconian” – the complete and brutally swift suspension of its licence […]

Barbarellesque Burlesque Returns to Baltimore

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As the cast readies for the year’s final performance of Barbarellesque (at Baltimore’s Creative Alliance on November 22nd), Kay Sera, co-producer and one of the show’s Barbarellas, talks about creating “an ecdysiast theatrical experience.” Why Barbarella? Barbarella, the 1968 sci-fi camp classic starring Jane Fonda, was ridiculed and reviled in its day. But it’s now […]

Review: Cabaret des Distractions (Cafe de Paris)

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In Cabaret des Distractions, the new resident Friday night production at the delightful Cafe de Paris, a pair of lovers, played by Ali Temple and Klodi Dabkiewicz, are cast into a hellish labyrinth and encounter a series of mythological characters sent to challenge, seduce, and test the strength of their love. You are invited to […]

Review: Pandora’s Box (Hippodrome Casino, London)

Review: Pandora's Box (Hippodrome Casino, London)Read more

Back from a run in Las Vegas, Pandora’s Box is described as ‘an innovative, enchanting display of high class entertainment’ and a dance-focused, erotic revue designed for observation rather than interaction. In reality, this journey through myth and legend is an amateurish, confused affair in need of considerable development. While sensual storytelling is supposedly at […]