Enjoy a collection of burlesque interviews, including in-depth conversations with many of our striptease titans…

Interview: Doc Wasabassco – 10 Years in Burlesque (Part Two)

Interview: Doc Wasabassco – 10 Years in Burlesque (Part Two)Read more

As their spectacular 10th Anniversary Extravaganza approaches, Sydni Deveraux‘s interview with burlesque producer Doc Wasabassco continues. Read Part One here. Often our conversations around all of this turn to pay. I’ve been an advocate of raising the pay in Seattle, and now that I’m in New York I feel it’s the same issue in a […]

Australian Burlesque Association: Interview with Bella De Jac

Australian Burlesque Association: Interview with Bella De JacRead more

Australian burlesque performer and academic Lola The Vamp interviews Bella De Jac about the Australian Burlesque Museum and Australian Burlesque Association, with additional information provided about the special photographs accompanying the interview. Australian burlesque history is quite different to both European and American burlesque history. The scattering of information we currently have indicates a lot […]

Charlene Taylor: The Truth Behind the Tabloids

Charlene Taylor: The Truth Behind the TabloidsRead more

In July the burlesque community responded with anger when certain UK newspapers published intentionally humiliating stories about new burlesque performer and aspiring singer Charlene Taylor.  In what has become typically underhand behaviour from the likes of the Daily Mail, Charlene was deceived and mislead into thinking that her humble message of hope and survival would […]

INTERVIEW: Angie Pontani

INTERVIEW: Angie PontaniRead more

When I planned my schedule for the New York Burlesque Festival 2013, one of the first priorities was to arrange my first proper conversation with festival co-producer and Miss Exotic World 2008, Angie Pontani. We certainly made up for lost time with a long and interesting discussion, an updated edit of which I present to […]

Gowning Around with Catherine D’Lish

Gowning Around with Catherine D'LishRead more

Interview with Catherine D’Lish by Jo Weldon. Catherine D’Lish is known for inventive, hyperglam, spectacular costuming. Her standard-setting work with Dita Von Teese is best known to many, but Catherine is constantly creating fresh, innovative designs, items that strike us as iconic immediately, working with fabric and trim in new and inspiring ways. Most recently […]