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Lola van Ella’s New Orleans Festival Diary…

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Oh New Orleans! What a whirlwind! I was thrilled to be heading back for the New Orleans Burlesque Festival, which has quickly become one of my favourite fesitvals and burlesque weekends… I packed up my costumes, my swing, supplies for the class I’d be teaching and more glittery and rhinestoned things than probably necessary (and […]

Golden Pastie Results: New York Burlesque Festival 2010

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Results from the NYBF 2010 Golden Pastie Awards. The Hottest Freshman of 2010 Miss Boo Boo Darlin’ The Leading Trendsetter in Burlesque Julie Atlas Muz The Best Burlesque Couple Trixie Little and The Evil Hate Monkey The Cool Cucumber Award: For Recovering Flawlessly from a Major Onstage Mishap! Amber Ray The Performer Most Likely to […]


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“These are my friends and this is my life.” – Tigger! on stage during Friday night curtain call. Batten the brassieres and hold onto your hatches! ©Trixie Little Through some magical combination of warm weather, gorgeous people, lush foliage, hours of hot-tubbing, amazing entertainment and cases of fruit flavored Vodka; the Key West Holiday Extravaganza […]

On the Red Carpet at the NYBF Golden Pastie Awards 2009… [Plus full Golden Pastie Results!]

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Tatah Dujour and Minnie Tonka Interview the Stars of NYBF 2009 at the Golden Pastie Awards… Directed and Produced by Marky Pierson (http://www.markypierson.com) Golden Pastie Results: Burlesque performer most likely to appear in Playboy: Angie Pontani Biggest Kissing Bandit of burlesque: Tigger! Biggest Hair in burlesque: Darlinda Just Darlinda Performer with the most luggage / […]

The New York Burlesque Festival 2009!

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“The Annual New York Burlesque Festival, now teasing its way into its 7th year … is the largest burlesque event in the world, and has attracted sold-out crowds since its beginning in 2002. Festival producers, Thirsty Girl & Pontani Sisters Productions will deliver forth once again 4 nights of glitter and glamour in Gotham, with […]