Lola Frost

Rock’N'Roll Flapper, Burlesque Performer, Bad Ass Dance Instructor, Ninja, Make Out Artist, Sass Master, Rebel with a Cause. Co-Director of The Vancouver Burlesque Centre and member of Sweet Soul Burlesque. Lola's thoughtful and eloquent articles have attracted a whole new wave of fans on 21st Century Burlesque. Stay tuned for more.

Lola Frost’s Stockholm Burlesque Festival Diary

Lola Frost at the Stockholm Burlesque Festival 2015. Image copyright Jean Paul Bichard.Read more

A morning like any other was transformed in a single moment with the opening of a single email from Fraulein Frauke and John-Paul Bichard, producers of the Stockholm Burlesque Festival, asking me to join them overseas as one of their headlining performers. I literally started jumping on the bed! Yes, like a child. But I […]

Lola Frost: Musings on 2013 – The Successes, Struggles and Sass.

Lola Frost: Musings on 2013 – The Successes, Struggles and Sass.Read more

Lola Frost shares her thoughts on another year in burlesque as 2014 approaches… Last December I posted about my intentions for entering 2013 and my mantra being “I am a wild success” plastered to my vision board to be seen every morning and night. Being of the mindset of not making resolutions but of setting […]

Lola Frost’s BurlyCon Diary

Lola Frost's BurlyCon DiaryRead more

Before I gave an interview on what I teach, someone whom I admire very much said to me, ‘Go get ’em, don’t be stingy with your knowledge. What you have to offer is valuable, be generous.’ It was sound advice from a leader I trusted. It gave me the insight and strength to not only […]